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It's cool. I'm cool with it. Right so I read ads and I and read and so I will read a choice and I will skim through a little bit. Sometimes I read them a lot more than others. There's a couple of things I don't understand about women dad's. I don't understand women in Georgia also, and I don't understand women that post stuff in their head. Sometimes there are some women that just post nothing at the at it's just blank and there's a picture there and I'm not sure really sure how do I reply to that? Do I just reply with the. Or a question mark So what do you in actually what I started replying with a question mark I'd like if there's an ad in there's a there's a picture of a girl that I find someone attractive and it's just wrong thing. I would just send them a question mark and and so far, you know, I haven't got any responses back, but I think it's funny and it makes warms my heart a little bit off. The other thing is I don't understand is I'll read some of these ads and these women want it's crazy to me one of them. I just read the other night was did you send me something more than hi. How're you doing and please read my whole profile?.

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