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Front of the line somehow finding a way to keep a close but Prescott has been the difference so far today let's going to Andrew Smith in Indianapolis talking about the cold extending their lead but they have lost the key playmaker here's Andrew yeah the Indianapolis Colts leading the Jacksonville Jaguars seventy to seven with five minutes to go in the third quarter and a big turn of events as Marlon Mack helps get the cold Ian's to the red zone in on a twenty yard carry to the eight yard line that eventually set up a one yard touchdown pass to Marcus Johnson he laughed with a hand injury and he has been ruled out for the remainder of the game and so Marlon Mack having a big day fourteen carries a hundred nine yards a touchdown it is six career one hundred yard game is third this season but the colts will have to play the remainder of the game without him but the deal we Jacksonville seventeen to seven as the cold set the second half kickoff when seventy seven yards in ten plays in six minutes mac had three carries for twenty six yards on the drive but the big place Jacoby process getting the eventual up excuse me hitting the give the eventual touchdown score Marcus Johnson for a seventeen yard but the really big place Indianapolis based Burton twenty three and eight thirty one yard total screen the Jonathan Williams moved the chains kept the drive alive and then in the was able to go down and score it appeared that went Nelson the offense of linemen had a touchdown it was taken away on a review is the cold give him on third and goal from the one but on fourth down process flushed down the pocket improvising was able to find markets jobs into the end zone so any leading seventeen to seven for twenty two to go in the third quarter Jacksonville is getting ready to pump the attack or stroke in the colts territory to the forty four but the drive stalled in there and I take that back there leading the offense out the jacks gonna go for it trailing the cold seventeen to seven with a fourth down ians for from the colts forty four yard like four minutes ago here in the third quarter Marlon Mack over a hundred yards rushing but he's done for the day with a hand injury Nick Foles on his return it's been a quiet day seventeen of twenty five one fifty six a touchdown and an interception what's gonna look but although in Washington where the red skins as you'd expect are struggling once again it's been all jet so far today here's a look the rest came out of the second half and actually that Dr did nearly stole extended by a rock in the honor of penalty and later stole your debt thirty one I own four to five you read the let go forward down twenty three the past half complete in depth got the ball back at their own thirty one I it appears that former Redskins Jamison Crowder with wide open for big yard on a trick play or what what reverse path but he got a little ahead of myself the dial fall it dropped it other just when we were forced to punt in honor of the fact that the end zone so five forty five left in the third quarter the jets are up twenty three but the Redskins have the ball thank you very much Lou but although in Washington where the jets have really been challenged today twenty the three they lead let's set to Eric Nelson in Minnesota just of the Vikings got on the board the Broncos have answered with some points years Eric B. every year Vikings an impressive drive to start the third quarter which they go nicely seventy five yards three minutes thirty one seconds of quiet time capped off by Kirk cousins connecting with Smith junior on a ten yard touchdown stores and so the government for their first score of the day but the Broncos come back and get a forty one yard field goal from Brandon McManus his third goal of the day the bottles were twenty three seven with four twenty three drive here in the third quarter in for the Denver Broncos and day of the month from splash planes that we have some pretty sure thirty yards or more on the most recent scoring drive he was the quarterback Brandon Allen finding him factor for twenty nine yards that helped the Broncos it into field goal range and and here's the thing you know what your day ridge your battery warring number eighty one for the Broncos in their road white jerseys today he's not listed on the card he's not on the washer he was a late addition on the on the active sheep in the Denver Broncos so young man out of you talk to your vector has a couple of big charges today for the Denver Broncos Israeli the Minnesota Vikings twenty three seven in the third quarter Vikings every first and then from there on twenty five year in Minneapolis thank you very much Eric Nelson saw a big surprise right now in Minneapolis where the Broncos comfortably in front of the Vikings let's go to Kevin Casey in Charlotte where another surprise is taking place and the Panthers just non existent today clear written I think the the term which it is appropriate here because the land is taking Carolina to the wood shed its twenty six nothing six oh nine and counting here third quarter and Matt Ryan eighteen of twenty five passing for two hundred fifty five yards most recently a secure touchdown pass Calvin Ridley and the Carolina offense as many my favor the execution of it after today Colin three interceptions sixteen twenty eight hundred sixty four yards passing in the Carolinas office of line is been discredited by this is Lana defense that you know there there's two seventeen but coming in here but they have they're not looking like a right now they look like a team full of talent and you watch out for this team of the second half of the season Caroline's offer the ones given up multiple sacks and calendars been under pressure all afternoon twenty six to nothing planet leaves are lined up by forty seven to go third quarter shocking give credit to the Atlanta defense especially the defensive line which is pressured the of new quarterback of the Panthers or at least for now Kyle alum throughout the day let's add to Tom Macon's in Tampa where it's been all St so far Tom almost as dominant as that other AFC south game the New Orleans Saints now lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers twenty seven to ten the most recent score seven yard touchdown pass from drew Brees to Ted Ginn junior that drive was highlighted by a forty one yard pass from Brees to Michael Thomas the brought the ball to Tampa Bay seventeen Matt had kicked a field goal fifty five yards to put a few more points on the board for Tampa Bay it looks like maybe the Buccaneers offense was going to wake up and try to get something done what New Orleans answered that challenge was a touchdown ins of their own eight now rather make two minutes and four seconds left in the third period it's New Orleans twenty seven Tampa Bay tents we stay in the sunshine state to Miami in Jack Armbruster where the bills with the dolphins Jack Hey eight minutes coming up on the eight minute mark here in the third quarter the Buffalo Bills on top twenty three four Tina is there inside the Dauphin ten yard line and threatening to put further distance between them and the dolphins just a few moments ago number seventy seven tie and secondly a pack off of the tackle for the bill suffered a gruesome leg injury to his right leg appears ready a fractured possibly fractures lower laters angle he was put in an air cast and taken off the field in physics visibly back pain and go hopefully it's not too dangerous not not too bad of an injury but he has done for the day needless to say judge Alan for the afternoon fifteen or twenty four for two or not one yard he has a pair of touchdown passes in this contest no interceptions no sacks Ryan Fitzpatrick thirteen of nineteen for just under thirty a guard he's been sacked four times the a big play for the dolphins to today they had a three yard touchdown run from caramelized and a one hundred one yard kick kick return for a touchdown by kicking grant otherwise your offense a bit has been nonexistent seven minutes twenty seconds ago here in the third quarter dolphins are on the short end twenty three forty thank you very much Jack arm presos gone to San Francisco or Santa Clara where the forty Niners coming off their first loss getting ready to take on the cardinals today Brian the on checks in Ryan how are you very good record afternoon how are you absolutely I'm doing just well thank you the cardinals coming in at three six in one Kyler Murray getting a big test from this forty Niners defense with has to be a little on edge after suffering its first loss yeah I would think so although you know it's interesting the card with the minister streaks of three this year they've got a three game losing streak again once reckoned either coming off another early on another three game losing streak or not a good product and that the order row but should knows that I got the official inactive she in front of me here rich and got two pretty big names on here of course Robbie golden George kill out again this week you've got a running back Matt breeding heat out again and they're gonna have to go with the seven Coleman is going to start in place of Matt Rita you've got just in school you've got a dog or a place of Joe Staley the tackle by the way you want to get caught up because you don't get a bobble head today which I did get the you're going to get your daily you out today and not rock welly well started place to George kill so it's going to be tough I think one one point though for the Niners will be the fact that Emmanuel Sanders is playing you listed you know I was on an active work though it out I I think it's going to get some playing time he did suffer some injured ribs in that game against Seattle Ryan the forty Niners able to hold a very very well without both tackles I got both of them back last week in obviously Staley just staying in for a very limited limited time before getting injured again how long can they go without him and and and and and keep our maintain the same protection of of Jimmy garage below as they've been able to do they don't get any government in our you know brought back by prime last week in Seattle I mean they had a hard time you know moving to change once our standard came out of the game on the court ten point one of first you drive I believe an offense will be the rest of the game though it's work next point though you know god just delete he I mean and better present than an ability to provide the protection you mentioned for forgive me G. and gold rush he done pretty well but yeah I mean there's no there's no replacing the current what's the weather like they're out there today in Santa Clara all it's beautiful I mean it's like what seventy five degrees sunny.

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