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Criticize him lady gaga did a show with him yeah well after the tapes and was criticized for it and her. She was like well. You know. I wanted to do rb song and i had to do with the king of r&b needed his blessing to do it. And like i don't know man. It's like i said everyone was perfectly fine with this until recently and i think the reason is because she was probably like well whatever. Everybody does that. So if i don't do music with people who fucked fifteen year olds i'm not gonna be able to music with anybody. I think this is more like the the shocking part about this is how okay with it. Everyone in the fucking industries because at any point in time anybody could have just said. Hey man this is not appropriate. What the fuck you doing but nobody did. Nobody fucking different. Some people did so we had his I think it was his security detail during the sega. Pull them inside said. Hey what's what's going on with you in a and are you. Are you fucking around with her. And r kelly said hey fuck no fuck no. And apparently r kelly kind keep this kind of segmented in his life he would not expose this side of himself in front of sorry. Go ahead go ahead go ahead. No i just heard stories about like how management wouldn't really know because he would make sure that they were all not in the room when any of this going on. He's he's being interviewed like ninety nine five or six or something by a local tv show and They're like laughing and she's sitting on a couch in they're like so what's the deal with y'all y'all boyfriend girlfriend just the just a fucking fact that they would ask that means that they're okay with it. They're like oh well this guy's cute culet boyfriend and girlfriend that's cute is like what the fuck like. But that's not a normal fucking thing happened so like where they live. Whatever culture they're participating in it's clearly normal it's clearly totally one hundred percent normal from their perspective and you know like a legal or not. It is completely from their perspective. Not from me not from the cave times perspective from their perspective. They're all okay with it. They're all fucking okay with this. And so i mean i gotta give some sympathy to the guy. This is an dyslexic man. Who can't get through fucking school. How is he supposed to know. He's not supposed to do any of the stuff if nobody ever fucking tells them house he's he's an idiot. Based on the fact that he was keeping it away from management that he was like lying to security detail obviously at the very least he knew it was a faux pas. Obviously like a huge disconnect from reality. It seems well like you never get that through music and through the kind of lifestyle lives and the kind of things that he does. I think that's one way to word it. Yeah yeah he seems like he seems a very disconnected from the way the world works. I mean i'm sure. I'm sure like people who defend them would say it's because he was abused as a child. His mom was a drunk and even clear to me. I feel like that's been accepted as truth. So i mean. His brother told him that he was being molested as a kid and he said no. That's not happening. it comes out like thirty years later. Kelly's doing an interview and he says he was being abused. Like r kelly himself was being. There's another thing there's another thing too key. His mom died in hospital with cancer and apparently the first time he told the story he was like yes she send me away and i went into the lobby and played piano and while i was thinking the song about her she died and then later in another interview. He said that he stayed with her and held her hand and sang to her while she really. Yeah so it's two different telling of that and it's like it casts a lot of doubt on if you can believe anything. He about anything because he's lying about. Yeah well at that point especially. He gave so little details on the interview where he said that he was molested as a kid. It it is more easy for me to believe that his brother was molested and then he just took that story upon himself for various reasons Like a garner sympathy and makes him more interesting. Makes them more emotional. It makes a headline. And i mean you can totally observe yourself of guilt if you think well you know. My uncle was raping that guy. So if i say he's raping me who's who's to lose. There's also saw his biographies autobiographies called solar coaster. And it it talks about all sorts of details. That don't make any sense so he doesn't talk about the relationship. He doesn't talk about any of the rape allegations fair enough but he. He mentioned streets like growing up on street. Intersections that don't intersect and he. He talks about things that are like factually publicly disproven. And there's all these little details that make no fucking sense at all later. Went on to say like well. It was the ghost writers who got got the details wrong and it wasn't him. But how could you write a book because he's dyslexic right like isn't to read so the other thing. How do you write like a an autobiography. If you can't read and write. Well i think i trying to pin down the magical trying to pin down the ephemeral trying to pin down the genius. That is r kelly. It's impossible to do and every time we try to do it. When we're saying these things it's it it makes us kind of seem like idiots into my. I not not not to the people who are serious. Fans of surviving. R kelly and everything. But i do want to just put a passage out into the podcast space. That i think is a little sparkle of his genius. If you're not too familiar with r kelly and you're not too familiar with the things he's done artistically and the things he said This is from nbc chicago. This is reporting from nbc chicago when it comes to his music. Kelly also made a perplexing admission about his famous hit ignition remix revealing that he actually wrote the remix version five years before he wrote the original ignition. When asked how that's possible. Kelly replied with you. Tell me he wrote the remix version. Ignition five years before the original chocolate factory. He's calling he's kind of like mythical like he's he's being these court cases he's he's making all these crazy fucking heads a book about him. He's like yeah. I'm just in the chocolate factory. What's that what's that. Are kelly the chocolate factory. Oh that's what i call the studio. He's making these songs like we can't play any of them. Obviously but you know he's got these these songs that don't follow any structure that normal fucking rb song would have. He's got he's got you know if i did it if i did it. I did when i did it. Like he's got these songs. That are all verse no chorus. He's got your seven year old ronald eisley on tracks them. He's got gospel church songs and then he's got songs about like licking people's cookie asses and stuff he's got he's got like tons of storytelling. Trapped in the closet is like he said at one point. He had seventy chapters written to trapped in the closet and then at the same time. He's making songs.

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