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Nine degrees in Goodyear weather, brought to you by Howard air whether replace or repair, call Howard air. I'm Bob McClay on Arizona's news station. KTAR news. Get some perspective. Bruce St James and Pamela Hughes. KTAR news on ninety two three FM. You probably grew up. Maybe like I did there were some rules. We we did not talk to shredders, right? And we did not get into cars with string right right now. We have an app that allows a stranger to come and bring a car that you can get into how the times have changed, and it is fundamentally changed here in the last couple of weeks when the concern for the safety of the rideshare drivers Uber and lift I realized with some smaller ones. Let's stick with those. We can call it. The Lubar the Uber and lift drivers who tragically in ten P a lift driver was stabbed to death by who then stole her vehicle and was caught. And last Friday think early morning middle of the night. An Uber driver was stabbed had his throat slashed by a passenger after he when he was dropping him off at his destination. Yeah, you know, what? And there's been so much discussion about the safety of riders passengers in your driver day. Oh, yeah. Talked about how you know what I do. They find my friends, and I share my location with my husband when I get into an Uber or left. I said behind the driver because it's harder to reach back and get me. So like, I think of it as a passenger. But this last week, Bruce with these two horrific stories here in the valley has forced me to put myself in the position of one of these drivers. And what are these drivers do to protect themselves? Well, lift has a strict no weapons policy. Uber doesn't allow drivers or passengers to carry firearms. But does allow pepper spray and by putting myself in the position of these drivers? I say I got to protect myself. If I have if I want to put a gun in the glove box, for instance, lift canal, the only time they're gonna now is if I have to use it, and if I have to use it, it's because I'm protecting myself, and you can get as mad at me as you want and tell me I can't drive for you. Again, I'm walking away with my life. That's all I have to say I wanted to hear the what Uber and lift drivers and taxi drivers as well. What are you guys? Do. Do you protect yourself? Do you have something in the car to protect their strict, no weapons policies, but do people actually follow them. We'll get some really interesting calls on our open mic line. Bruce. Stop your Mesa drive should be able to carry weapons. I drive for over in the fall. And there's been to many times within the last two years that I've had any incidents with passengers. I have been getting back your head with a fight. We should be able to carry. You never know who you're going to pick up. The discussion needs to be is. What's the next step how they getting involved this and make it where it makes sense where everybody's benefit. My name's Billy. Joel Jim Bob from Chandler. And I carry a small knife in my car when I'm driving for lift. I don't care what their policy is. But I want some sort of protection, I'm not all that great with a gun. So I'm not gonna try and protect myself that way. I appreciate the Billy. Joe Jim, Bob. Yeah. Well, I mean is that. And I'm still not one hundred percent clear on Newbury, and lift do they allow any sort of personal? We know that Uber does allow for pepper spray pepper spray. Okay. Yeah. This is Alison I drive for lifts and cherry juice, self defense items. Okay. I won't say what they are. But you're enough. Yeah. I keep myself protected by name is Robert. I'm a bakery. I've been driving cabs. Live an Uber for twenty years now. Okay. I'm always armed never really had to concern myself with being armed following the policies discounter.

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