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Hi Michelle Martin also this hour we'll talk about the push to remove police from schools we see that this leads to hyper criminalization and await even if they're just children and how the high court's daca ruling made this family's father's day the best mothers give spending every moment with you waking up in you guys there that's enough for me but first this news live from NPR news I'm Jeanine herbs the number of coronavirus cases is climbing across more than twenty states mostly in the south and the west isn't yours Joel rose reports that has public health experts worried the growing number of cases may partly reflect an increase in testing according to Dr Tom Ingalls be the director of the center for health security at Johns Hopkins University but eagles B. says it also reflects a real increase in cases and hospitalizations particularly in Sunbelt states like Arizona Texas Florida and the Carolinas that's not just because we're doing more testing in a state that's because there is more serious disease in the state speaking on fox news Sunday Ingalls be said those states do not need to go back into lockdown right now he said state leaders should encourage their residents to slow the spread of the virus by avoiding large public gatherings covering their faces and washing their hands frequently told rose NPR news Washington there are more than two point two million coronavirus infections in the U. S. according to data from Johns Hopkins University and nearly one hundred twenty thousand deaths this is several major cities relax some coronavirus restrictions tomorrow congressional Democrats are expected to open an investigation into political interference of the justice department this week house Judiciary Committee chair Jerry Nadler tell CNN that lawmakers will also look into Attorney General William Barr's decision to fire the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan Geoffrey Berman well we are having a hearing on Wednesday which we have a number of a whistle blowers from the department of justice will testify I we have invited Berman and I'm sure he will I'm sure you I don't know that winds eventually will testify Berman's office had investigated numerous trump associates including trump's personal attorney Rudy Giuliani Berman who stepped down on Saturday and naturally refused to leave his post after bar announced that Berman would be replaced in France protests took place this weekend over racism and police violence and fears owner Beardsley reports demonstrators paid off March two black men who have died under suspicious circumstances following encounters with French police hundreds of people marched to the former home of the Franco Senegalese man who died in a police van in two thousand seven when he was twenty five years old slim but not sure the French anti discrimination lawyer he says desperate cases in France have United and galvanised after George Floyd scaling does Floyd is very important because it gave through the images the proof of the killing it gives the justification for people in France to say this is what happened to my brother this is what I've been to one of my friend one of my neighbor rights groups say French police disproportionately target minorities and ID checks I wonder Beardsley NPR news Paris Asian markets are trading in mixed territory at this hour the Asia Dow down about three tenths of a percent the Nikkei in Japan is trading higher you're listening to NPR news live from KQED news I'm Kate wolf some of the poorest seniors in the bay area are being left out of a statewide program intended to help elderly people access food during the corona virus pandemic KQED Serra Husayni reports it's because they already qualify for food stamps great place was supposed to be a win win for struggling California restaurants and vulnerable seniors three high quality hot meals from bay area restaurants delivered free to your doorstep but the hitch those who make under twenty five thousand dollars a year aren't eligible because they might already get some assistance Berkeley city councilmember Rashi Cathar Oney says that's unfair CalFresh provides a maximum monthly benefit for an individual just about six dollars per day which is a fraction of the sixty six dollars per day allowed by the great place delivered program frankly city council is asking FEMA the program's chief funder to reconsider its rules I'm Sarah Hosseini KQED news in Richmond today dozens of activists painted the words reparations that now in giant yellow letters on a main thoroughfare as part of a Juneteenth weekend commemoration KQED's Julie Chang reports activism Richman said they chose McDonald Avenue because it with once the parade route for the KKK back in the nineteen twenty eighth last weekend at the same group of pain at the words black lives matter in front of city hall Wichman native an artist in the car Theon was at both painting events he said this time they wanted to make their demands more specific and further the conversation.

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