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That watch puck. We were like, okay. Well that just happened. Are you like like like it was you out like This shot? way. Sitting. What why did you slap? You what precipitated that and nothing at all? Or just he's just being Bruce. I don't know. With me returning poop, scarf or something. I don't know. Yeah. He was coming to me. It was a playful. He was. Was taking you. He was nagging. You like it was like. Like oh. What I was married, and I and I. If you weren't married, but you have. By what if you were not married you have to now? Probably I. That's a random thing from my past. I I. If I wasn't married. I would I would. Here's here's here's here's. Says. Got oh, he's lapping. Everybody. See bros. It's a new segment. What are you doing Bruce? Okay. Go. No be Bruce deeper thought, I got went to the next car. I was trying to build it out into where you're like Daniel tiger at Mr. Rogers. What time is it? Let let's reenact the three and Akerson ISO. Randy. You're driving car. Burst comes up. Right. Well, first of all. Sad about it. The second of all vocalise what you're doing like like I wasn't trying like I don't mean to feed you lines. But like you'd be like, hey, it's me, mama. Larusso? Boulevard gonna sure by done that already. I don't think. Sex it. No, we just pulled up, my friend. And I to the improv Karen Brooks. You know, you go into the improv to see I don't know why we will pull up in front of the improv. He came out. Came by. And he put his head down in the car. And it goes where you girls garnering. Offering..

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