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They got to get a word in there for ratings reasons he doesn't want to tune in to radio. It's just It's just like there's a lot of guys a good candidacies. I mean, I think it's actually think the Eastern Conference roster after the you know, trying to pick the final spot or two. Actually, I think you make a pretty good case. It's tougher than the West. I just, you know, At the end of the day, there's you know, there's a bunch of good players that are gonna make it well. That surprised me. If if no Houston Rockets made it after they've had Two guys on the team for Yeah. Give what Wood is a legit candidate. Um, you know, we'll see what they mean. If they keep on who you know who has the longest winning streak in the league right now is that the Houston Rockets, the mighty Houston Rockets. That's what I was making a pivot there. Maybe pivot like Yao Ming in the post. They play who they play tonight. The command not so mighty Oklahoma City Thunder Okay, well, I wouldn't wouldn't guarantee anything with them. They sneak up on people, but they're going for seven on the road tonight, and they've called up. They called up Theo ninth, although it's sort of a You're sort of their thousands of a point ahead of Golden State in San Antonio, and you know they're good game and a half ahead of Sacramento. And if you give him a game and a half there only a game and a half out of fourth, so it's still pretty tight, but As you mentioned six in a row. Defensively, they've played really well. They've won seven out of 10 overall. In addition to Christian what putting up big numbers? What's going on in Houston? That is that is turn things around and actually got them The rock. It's getting a bit chesty. From what I can see out there. Look there. Obviously, they're a bunch of dudes who feel like they've got a lot to prove. They've got a huge chip on their shoulder. Um, it helps that they all actually want to be there, or P. J. Tucker doesn't necessarily want to be there. He's at least Body in the hard thing was a huge black cloud. We all understand that we don't need to delve into that. But what they've got now is a bunch of dudes who play hard play unselfishly. I think Steven Silas. If we're gonna talk about quarter point of the season Coach of the year cannons he's got behind on a really great job done a really, really great job for all for all the crap that that he had on and even since heart has been gone, you know, wall, Mr Stretch of games and all the depot. They're obviously being very careful with sitting him some Um, I would even miss some games when cousin stepped into the starting lineup. You know, he put up big numbers for men, and they've just like, give her fell. Stone credit man he's found, like, you know, J Shaun Tait is the dude he found playing in Australia who, you know, he's an undrafted rookie that's been plugged in their starting lineup and produces form. Eric Gordon is playing phenomenal ball on both ends of the floor. You know, he got that extension last year, It looks like a horrible contract. He was injured at the mid season. Knee surgery was never right last year. Is this funky like, you know, situation where he was basically watching Harden and Russ take turns. But Gordon has been, you know, playing out of his mind. And so they've got a lot of guys who feel like they've got a ton to prove. You know, that's not been the most difficult stretch of schedule that that's certainly Part of it, But you know, there's just kind of a really good vibe, which obviously, is the total opposite of what it was started season for them, by the way for Coach of the year for the For the first quarter, I'm gonna go with Taylor Jenkins. Who didn't have Jaren Jackson and didn't have John Moran for a big stretch. And they're nine and seven also had a covert. Shut down..

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