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This is nbc four news at six with chuck henry caroline johnson fritz coleman weather and fred rogin sports on seven ninety k abc like joining the lakers james is currently evocation in anguilla staying at this seventy five thousand dollars a week beach house which is being dubbed the decision cave that's because lebron's closest advisers are there with him mulling over his options before he makes a final decision which could come by next once as fourth of july holiday meantime clippers senator de'andre jordan has opted out of the final year of his deal to become an unrestricted free agent and is likely headed to the mavericks of course dj is from texas and a few years ago he had a handshake deal in place with dallas before chris paul and company locked him in his home and convinced him to resign with the clips laws of all is on the mend after he reportedly tore the meniscus in his left knee he's expected to be ready for the start of lakers training camp in late september now to baseball dodgers and rockies opened a weekend series tonight at the stadium richhill and tyler anderson are the probables and it was a busy morning for cody bellinger and max muncie who hosted about one hundred and eighty elementary kids for a play ball clinic at the police academy something they all seem to enjoy i remember looking up two older guys when i was playing me if you bigalow years coolest day my life so to come out here and and just kind of hang out with the kids is really special this is something i never had an opportunity do when i was a kid i never had a chance to come out here big league players this kind of organization i was always little league so something that's awesome moncia certainly having an awesome year leading the dodgers with seventeen home runs this after he hit just nine long balls in his previous three seasons angels underway in baltimore looking to snap a six game losing streak and this certainly helps trout with a blast deep left center for his fourth of the season right now on the seventh inning angels lead the orioles sixty nothing and big news today for the kings who have come to terms on a new eight year extension with all star defenceman drew doughty the deal is worth close to eleven million season it's a huge coup considering dowdy had just one year left on his deal but now he is locked in through the twenty twenty seven season this past year doughty tallied a career high sixty points and hasn't missed a regular season game in four years often leading the nhl in total is tied finally don't look now but tiger woods is making a run up the leaderboard at this weekend's pga event in maryland tigers putter working nicely today making a few birdies from fifteen feet or longer and when tiger was in like here on eighteen you didn't need a putter just the sandwich chipping out of the bunker and into the cup for another birdie tiger shot a five hundred sixty five leaving him just four shots off the lead heading into the weekend this has been the sports desk an officer asleep on the job tonight at eleven the new photos where this uniformed officer was spotted taking a snooze and what the department has to say about all of this the nbc nightly news what lester holt is coming up next i president trump revealing when he'll announce who's picked to replace retiring supreme court justice anthony kennedy we'll see you back here tonight at eleven a great evening kabc news live and local at six thirty i'm john wolf a campus police all parking officers have been killed in a suspect fatally wounded in an officer involved shooting at cal poly pomona according to pomona police department chief michael l very the park officer was stabbed according to broadcast reports the sheriff's department is postponed to a later date it's plan and we were talking about earlier in the afternoon to hand out information wanted bulletins to motorists along in the area of holland unless virgin is from five to seven this evening in calabasas in an effort to gain information about the murder of tristan thomas bo debt who was shot in the tent camping with his two young daughters last friday in malibu state park again that's been postponed a lancaster woman and her boyfriend had been charged with torturing.

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