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Lot of james bond and we just talk it out like what is held up what has not but is baffling. What is cool. Bathwater is also really. We watched goldfinger. And it's a pretty good movie. It's pretty fun. And it's james bond is much more complex character than you might think so. We had a lot of fun with that. And that's in the pusher recaps patrons aid. We will be watching a james bond. Movie chosen by the dischord every two weeks until no time to die drops. We'll be watching no time to die and then we will be podcast about that putting it in the main channel if that does really well in the channel support the bond stuff we would love for that to continue zad were rocket file fantasy still about. It's future speech. Time travel podcast. We've recorded stuff. That will not be aired until october already like stockpiling fantasy just talking to all the time video games a lot. We got a lot on. We just watched the final fantasy seven movie. None of us watched it several times. I watched it twice in twenty four hours and we're going to be doing the f. f. Seven compilation stuff. So just talking about like all if that podcast. If you listen to that already sounds like gobbledygook. Listen to this next one. And it's going to sound like martian like it is. I have no idea. I only want to happen either but i know that the incredible mike edwards patron oppo show recaps in a huge final fantasy and supplied me with a thirty plus page document. All about all these other games that exist in the final fantasy. Seven so franchises franchise. We're talk about that like what's out there. And what exists. Got here for like a minute. Last twenty something years best. Three great great so check us out. We are doing that shows and anything else you want to put. I don't think so stone do that. I can keep talking to you. it we're doing. It's great yeah. Lots of stuff going on. I will just do one more shameless patriotic plug for po. Show recaps but it is of relevance to the audience survivor. Forty-one is coming up. i know nothing about it. Don't ask me about it. More patrol style. Because i have this rare moment. Where like the first time in feels like literal decade about a season of survivor. I think i may watch it. I'm not podcasting about it. It's not happening. We announced the end of the wand off. It's the truth thing. We're not doing the wanda it's done happening. I'm.

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