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It now we used purified water and we purchase bottled water because we would never drink tap water it's not healthy and so we get these big fight gallon bottles of purified water but before we put it up on the stand to consume it i add about five ounces of something called willard water but an ounce per gallon or so of this large five gallon jug that goes up that my entire family consumes and has four years we started doing it when i had the privilege and the honour of interviewing dr john willard phd and his grandson about a is going to be joining us in just momma john wheeler throw the third and i'll introduce him in a second but let me tell you i was really fast needed with his topic especially when i saw a sixty minutes interview of doctor willard and the fantastic situation that was going on in south dakota where this special water that he discovered and the story behind it is remarkable and you're gonna hear about this because if you can wrap your brain around this and integrated into your life in those you care about you're going to be benefiting like we have benefited in the martin family over the many years that we've been using this very specialized water for so many reasons so let's introduce sir special guest is amos jock a john willard the third he's the president and ceo of caught industries and willard's brands he's taken time out of his very busy schedule to join us here on the show to discuss this topic and let's welcome him back to the program john willard welcome to the graham john thank you so much for having me on it's always a pleasure it is mine and i appreciate you coming on and i saw appreciate the work that you do and all the help that you have given over the years too many people around not only in the united states but outside the united states with your work in other countries let's began because at john we have a lot of new lists there's a tune into this radio show each and every week they may not have ever heard about or never have stepped into a health food store or maybe they didn't catch the sixty minutes peace interview of your grandfather years and years ago and and i watched.

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