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Six. AL where it's all about the conversation. When we talk about third trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of obviously that the mother with the consent of the more than one physician, by the way. And it's done in cases, where there may be severe deformities or maybe a fetus, that's non-viable. Oh, well, deformities that changes everything that, and I guess that's okay to exterminate a child in the third trimester or even after birth. If there's a deformity you've come a long way there governor Mangla Ralph northern candidate for governor. And I I had because I'm a pediatrician and for Ed Gillespie to say, I would tolerate anyone hurting a child is to speak. That's too much. He's not governor Mangala quite yet. I guess it's just a question of scale, though, we will keep at governor Gosnell for now though until we hear otherwise I suspect we might hear otherwise in the next twenty four hours says the governor will attempt to get in front of the story. M A L where Washington comes to talk. Washington's mall W M A L or Washington comes to talk. The National Mall. Where Americans come to talk about. Their beliefs information is knowledge knowledge now, you're listening to the John Batchelor show nine FM and AM six thirty NFL people need to start listening to the issue of Washington comes to talk. I'm John Batchelor. This is the John Batchelor show. Tim McGrath lots of sea stories, and we're just touching on the battle scenes, we need to attend however to a hero who was ill treated in the eighteenth century.

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