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What a great question so before iris automation i was working at nasa the tour propulsion lab and we were working on a project called mars helicopter whoa and essentially this was a drone for the martian surface to help guide the the morris rover along the martian surface i mean this was very interesting we working on computer vision system that has of specifically for that drone to be able to do three d reconstruction of a surface but i'm going to the march wherever has the same issues that like industrial drones have now honestly it's two point four million with two point four billion dollars and we just don't trust that the navigate on its own as soon as it goes beyond line of sight as soon as an actual lands on the martian surface were worried about it fallingoff alleges highs this table lending over and but home i people are five other sites to certain situational awareness on the march wherever but i mean having some sort of drone that follows it along and sorta gives it eyes in the sky to map out that landscape i mean that's that's pretty exciting a of your own yet and that's a very long project than and we will see if it actually comes to fruition but no doubt that that's my favorite tra i mean that's an excellent answer what it it the helicopter so it's uses the same amini uses a air molecules to stay aloft.

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