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B._B.. Sales and marketing today is no different very sunny with US lists me show. She is easier product marketing manager at Microsoft listening. So what's your joining us. Thank you anyway. I'm excited to walk through this. We finished a research project altogether. We did a Webinar at once again you on the radio show as well to talk about the results because we've been thinking a lot marketing relationship selling in the doctor relationships N._B._C. Sales and marketing as we see more a I introduced into sales and marketing as we see more automation happening. We really wanted to get us in swirling. How important relationship selling was and how technology in many cases can actually really enhance and augment some of those personal relationships tolerant about for Microsoft's perspective? What you guys are doing what we're doing dynamics with Lincoln and why this research was so important yeah? We've seen a trend in south technology lately where a lot of the improvements that have been made to sales tyco the past ten five ten years have been to make sales teams more productive in their tools that are doing a really great job with that. I obviously work on sixty five so we've got sales tools. They're working together with tools like Lincoln sales navigator and all that so we really made some great strides in how productive assails team can be but wisdom of the trends that are happening in the marketplace such as role specialization telesales kind of the rise of all that we've seen that maybe there was an owner emphasis that a lot of teenagers were taking on the productivity and they were losing a little bit of that personal touch and losing some of the strong relationships that a salesperson used to have to have when they were doing all of their selling via phone or in person back in the day and so what were the we're developing technology is. How do we actually make sure that the relationships are still front and Center for the sellers so that they can be successful because we know that buyers have extremely occasions right now so were in this challenging environment where business buyers are actually weighing their sales experience against the Consumer Ryan experiences they have their amazing drives their personalization in Alabama <unk> being the same very high expectations tends to be buying process and so it's really important that the cellars can deliver to those high expectations and that means hiring a strong relationships doing personalization content and hitches that they're giving to these Zaire's etc but you bring a number really important points? We're going to talk a little later about the importance of scale but despite the proliferates of technology around us we're still people buying from people right and I think we still value the relationships we have within Vin that and I wanted to get a deeper than what we found in the research. Is this buying committee. We talk about with large deals where you not multiple people engaged any buying process that buying committee is not only growing in size is for enterprise deals but it's growing importance as well and so your ability to build relationships is not just with between Byron Seller your ability to understand relationships amongst members of the Fine Committee became his forum as well talk a little bit about the research found in terms of the zone engagement with that entire buying committee saw that it is really important to building strong relationships across the by committee so you know like you said it's not just one person that we can go to and do the deal anymore over eighty percent of our respondents in the issues that they were affected that building relationships across the buying committee with multiple bottles they were the ones who also said that they were effective at achieving their desired sales goals making that tied together right like being able to actually engage the entire buying committee critically important and on obviously like how you get at that data is important and we asked the question in the research. What what are the tools you're using? What are the capabilities you have and it was interesting 'CAUSE I? The number of tools proliferating across the marketing and sales technology landscape but we found some interesting energy insights into companies that were successful in those that were not successful they were using. We found that most of US accessible astle organizations that we talked to people you know how successful are you at achieving your revenue goals sales organizations care about and the organizations that sending were successful really thought it was he sued synchronize data across multiple platforms so we've seen this proliferation of sales tool set in many ways to get the activities that Celera do Outta day-to-day basis. It's so important that were restraining that data the day all coming together to generate insights so that a seller can be their job factor later not having said dig around and try and kind of play hunters scientists within their own data and at the risk of making this a commercial which we don't want to make it I think Microsoft's doing with C._R._M.. And linked in the ability to who actually naturally integrate those together I spend time and C._R._M.. And linked in literally every day and so the ability to integrate those together does create not only it gives me gives us that information but it also creates efficiency for the sales are up to get back out on the a tool and you're going to actually sell that's our goal and I think another one that is looking at the other tools that sellers using day-to-day so we're also trying to bring in a lot of the productivity data that that happens when a salary is is communicating with a buyer such as they're doing an email who are meeting with if you're talking to and so bringing altogether get them a better picture of the relationship they have with these dyers helps them kind of advance the deal talking to blend radio with Liz. Let me show she's the senior Product Marketing Manager for Microsoft and talking about some new research we have just finished between marketing and Microsoft on the power of relationships selling in two thousand nineteen if you want to get more information on this study. If you want to get a copy of this study sunny a check out the cut the notes from this podcast we haven't linked to the knows we haven't up on on the radio DOT com we also have linked to this research at Heinz Marketing Dot Com. Let's talk about cross platform in y working. Cross platform platform is so important I think it was interesting to see dramatic difference in companies that were enabling their teams across platforms that were successful versus those that were not creating that cross platform opportunity talk a little bit about y. That's so important not only number but also to drive greater efficiency effectiveness of the sales organization yeah I just now but I think it's bringing about those important data points together so that a seller it really is having a full picture of the buyer when they're going into conversation whether they're getting ready for sales meeting when they're getting ready to make su customer on a caller email getting you to have all of that in place and being able to demonize the data together so important when we saw that a significant proportion of successful sales organizations that we talked to day said that centralization across different tools platforms was number one thing that was a key capability that they needed that was one of the most effective tips aspects of their selling tool set second into that was the ability to synchronize and manage the data effectively across contacts leads accounts and opportunities so really bringing all of that together is incredibly important on predecessor organizations speaking of bringing it altogether. We talk about data. We talk integrations of tools. Let's talk about sort of how sales and marketing work together on this a lot of historically. We've seen marketing mayow strategically the same goals but operationally tactically. They're not really working closely together. We are very started difference in results when we asked for a effectiveness of sales marketing integration and when compared that to whether organizations were successful or not successful in hitting their number one of the reasons show on that successful so sales organizations that we talked to or seventy five percent of the bearer sales and marketing alignment was really well aligned and then not so successful organisations were more likely to say that their selves Mar they were only somewhat lines across sales and marketing marketing and the elements to a successful strong alignment between sales marketing were around having a mechanism that would be able to provide a constructive criticism feedback between the teams right is so important that earn knows if the tactics than strategy is that they're using are actually working. You can bring always in the world if they're not quality that yourself soon. It's going to be pretty unhappy Saddam's wine on sort of element of a really strong relationship and tie between the sales and marketing marketing teams they also not surprisingly find it to things like share reporting insights that made the relationship strong effective as well as having a coordinated sales process that they could both be not. I'm so that they're going to support in the same same oss. Let's go a little deeper on what that research said I mean we have we ended up asking we're going to take a couple minutes. We asked people to tell us what elements of sales marketing alignment where most important and the two things that were at the top of the list where early ability to provide constructive criticism and feedback between teams and shared reporting and insights and I thought this was fascinating that the the most successful teams so that they had shared reporting and that they felt culturally like they could challenge. Orange each other and provide feedback to make each other better talk about what that means about the implication there in terms of the cultural implications of creating better sales and marketing alignment to have these effective mechanisms <unk> the feedback on quality informant it can take a quantitative <unk> it should probably be both I know for my day-to-day role. I'm obviously in a product marketing role so the feedback that I get from my sales team in the people who were on the ground <unk> talking to customers that it is so essential so ideally I can't overstate as important. I get sort of forbade comments that from them I get questions. I you know people will reach out to me in south really great to be able to hear what's coming up for them in the market so that's kind of a <unk> side on active side being able to measure in see our strategies working for marketing perspective are selling strategies working late where are we were we hitting our numbers where we're not numbers and and being able to draw into that so that we have the same views and I think also having a database perspective hostile collaboration because you're looking at the same information now we're going to break piece of bills we right back with more with Liz Michelle. She's the senior product marketing manager Microsoft talk more about the impact of relationships in selling and a little more on the alignment between sales and marketing in making that relationship selling work to help companies have their number right back on sales my radio.

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