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This one. This topic really drives me crazy. I think every single Person who is a coach of any A level in this country. Peewee football peewee basketball, Little League baseball all the way through the pros should be required to take training. In heat management of athletes and, uh, too often we find another death, don't we? Correct. So the latest one you've got it was out of Georgia. The sun was blazing down 97 degrees August Day, a 16 year old who was forced to run up and down a hill. What about of jumping Jacks Circle the football field and then jogged up a set of stadium stairs and, uh and and all along. There were concerns. That she wasn't doing well, but the mentality I guess it's old school mentality. Push, push, push. We're going to be the best. And and that was really the mindset of the coaches. Two years later, they're charged with murder. And other charges. Good. They should be charged with murder, and it shouldn't be anything else but murder. Cause that's what this is. I look Mark Mark, I'm telling you remember the old days when this is what it was, and it was It's torture. That's what it is. It's torture agree with you. Everything hinges upon the facts. Now you have putting on my defense lawyer Had I'm not defending the behavior. I mean, what's it all about to win another trophy? So I don't disagree with you that her life and the life of so many others who we can talk about, you know, um it's not worth it. That said the defense lawyer in me says, Okay, murder did they intend, you know, is it recklessness is negligent. Is it culpable negligence? All that matters to me not for a civil lawsuit, go ahead and sued for money. But criminally I don't know This is murder. I know that they were negligent. Well, I think that if you know that someone can die from this Right. You put them through it, and you see that they're in trouble. And you don't stop it. I think it's murder. But that's just me. Don't put me on the show. I will ask the argument that this is not something that isn't on the radar of coaches. On Tuesday, you had a heat index about 10, a A 16 year old boy collapsed on his first day of practice on the football team in Omaha last month. MACON, Georgia 15 Year old died after he fell to the ground during football practice. Another high school football player died in Arkansas last August. After the 16 year olds, organs began to fail following extreme huge stroke. This is happening more often. Um and I I think the message is clear. You gotta back down, coaches. I'm with you on that. They should. They should be required to undergo training. I don't care what you touched a child in athletics in any shape or form. You should undergo training. When it comes to this. It's not that hard ladies and but then they set up fools Jimmy. They set up walls and in this particular school where the 16 year old died. They had a rule that outdoor practices be suspended. If the heat index exceeds 95 degrees. Well, it was 19 7 degrees and they didn't stop. Yeah. No, I don't put me on that jury, pal. And, you know, I think you're the best defense attorney and in the country, But don't put me on that jury. It won't come out. I accept what you accept what you have to say on both both levels. Yeah. Speaktomark dot com. That's where you can find him. Take care Mark Many yes, Supporters for us, Jimmy. Here's his. Hagler hit a two run homer, Jazz Chisholm Junior hit his own dinger to put the Marlins up for good. They beat the Cubs for one at Lone Depot Park, their fourth straight win. Today, the first of three against the visiting Braves coverage gets underway, beginning at 6.

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