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Pr. Someone trusted very much right from the first time i met him. I'll always remember him. Not only as a great gm but as an even better person he always treated everyone like family and he wanted us players to have that same mentality. He was a great example to all of us. Fear was a mentor to me said sack someone. I learned a lot about the business of hockey from we as an organization and myself personally will really really miss him. Alachua step down from his position as gm in two thousand six but remained but the franchise as team president until twenty thirteen. He made several high profile trades for players such as rob late this to help. Keep the team competitive. The avalanche won division titles and each of quals first nine seasons as a general manager. Beer was my agent. Said michel goulet. I hope i'm saying his name correctly. A former nordiques forward and hockey hall of fame inductee. He told the denver post that Pierre was his when he was a player in quebec as well as our leader. I worked for the avalanche for fourteen years. He was an amazing man and friend. He always did things with care and with class he took pride and leading by example and we shared a lot of laughs in his post hockey days. Though he has gone his spirit will live on in those he touched along the way and needle say reaction to applause passing from across the national hockey league poured in on sunday with many many prominent voices expressing their condolences. Dark condolences to the family of pierre. La former avalanche gm who gets to stanley cup winning teams passing away at the age of seventy two six fifteen. Now thirteen ten. Kfi k thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com. You know you might be feeling a little bit out of sorts. These days and with all the confusion and uncertainty relative to covid nineteen all the upheaval. Well who could blame you. And if.

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