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Community to have a twenty two year old Twenty-three-year-old negotiate a little too close United program that just one the largest division state championship with Gordon Hayward in a way. But anyway, that's a story for another day before we go one more campaign. We are trying to I I've been saying the state, I don't know if you're even aware this I got a phone call from we we have a mole inside of inter sport. Which is this production company? That's put it on the slam dunk contest. And we've been campaigning trying to become dunk judge contests. Judges. I have a mole with we already said we have a mole within the production company. That's putting it on it is happening on Thursday. And they said that they actually do have a spot open like they have they have like a they've been calling people trying to get them to be judges, and they have a spot open in our mole. I'm not gonna name names. But here she told me that there is a non zero chance because they're making a bunch of calls trying to get people to 'cause they wanna have forget how many judges they said they won't have like one spot open and a lot of people don't really want to do it. And I was like motherfucker we wanna do this. Let us do this. So I'm not really sure why I'm saying this on the podcast. But if you wanna continue if you want to continue to arrest at college, slam it might happen. It might we're going to be there. Anyway, that's the other thing is like we're already there. Just let us just add an extra seat if if need be I don't know. So I wanted to put that out there. I'm not I'm not asking for people to harass at college slim. I'm just saying you're not asking. Demanding. I'm just saying that's one thing that could happen that people could do that. And that is well within your rights. I think maybe not maybe Twitter, Twitter perspective. What are doing whatever? That's it. We are. We are next time. You hear our voices? We will be in Minnesota boots on the ground doing some journalism. We have some guests. We have a couple of guests lined up already. But we're just going to basically walk around with microphones and shove him in people's faces. We should take a microphone to the this big party that we went through last year. We're all these coaches are drunk off their ass, basically shove microphones in people's faces and see how long it takes before get kicked out shadowed. Diana Williams, step dad for we're gonna Dita sweatshirt because I was the most Dita's coverage we got this tournament. So that's my final thought. Good luck to all the teams in the final four. I keep saying that every round I just feel like it's it makes me a I don't know a positive guy dare you said good guy. Good guy. Yeah. I hope I hope all win. But especially hope Michigan state of Virginia win because I want the big ten to win. And I also want to be on the float why don't keep saying there's going to be a float. There's not going to be a floor. I feel like there's gonna be a like Virginia wins the title. They're just going to be some float like it's like it's homecoming in the mid west, and you're building floats. And and I'm gonna be on the float waving. I don't know. Why sound like your sister Jean thing? I don't know why this fantasy mind but not good for Virginia. All right. We'll be back later in the week probably Thursday. I believe once we once we get to Minnesota check that out. Thanks for listening. So you get..

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