Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Amama Palace discussed on Global News Podcast


Had fired a missile at the end and that they had aimed specifically at what's called the imam of palestine this is the residence of king solomon of saudi arabia and this was a time when many senior figures in the kingdom would have been gathering at the imam of palace because this is budget day in saudi arabia and the budget is normally announced by the king from the amama palace no question the saudis will take this extraordinarily seriously they lightly to see this is nothing less than an effort to strike it the head of state which makes this incredibly significant it is indeed and bear in mind the bigger picture here the who the'rebels in yemen are fighting a powerful saudi led coalition the coalition backs yemen's government in the civil war there and the coalition carries out almost daily air strikes that have killed many many yemeni civilians the who these will probably argue the they would just striking back but there's a why did i mentioned the who 'these are supported by iran so this conflict feeds into those dangerous tensions between saudi arabia and iran that we see playing out across the middle east is actually the second time the who these of fired a missile at rare they lauch wanted the start of november and after that the saudis said this amounted to nothing less than an act of aggression by the who these back has by the iranians you can see how serious all this is very briefly is there any sign of a solution to this none at all the moment there is no talks going on in an event like this pushes any prospect of dialogue even further away alan johnston on monday president trump on failed america's new national security strategy its blueprint for how it plans to counter further threats the document warned of an emboldened russia and china which the president said seek to challenge american influence values and wealth.

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