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Registration. Well, they're apparently was a car that decided not to do that. So it took off from the car failure to stop 1 38 north and south for 95. We now have a crash. And a car fire so that car crashed and caught on fire shall see what can happen. Also, the off ramp is closed right now. 45 South on to 1 38 as they deal with the crash and the car fire at the bottom of that ramp there nor thought expressway slow granted that to Columbia Road by slow, I mean, really slow, still tough, too. Because of a crash on 1, 28 south at 1, 29 and Wakefield. Traffic continues to be heavy from Walnut Street to that point. Downtown Boston. Toughest delays Still the lever connector down, wrap, getting onto store or drive there. Watch out for some problems, too. If you're travelling on the mass Pike eastbound basically the toughest step we're seeing there is getting off people folks getting off at Newton Corner. It's slow from the supermarket overpass to that point. Also, soldiers feel road eastbound, right by the largest Anderson bridge there, There's a right lane closure for work is that continues also still dealing with a brush fire in Foxboro, 95. South I buy Mechanic Street. Through 38 north and south on milling and paving going on between now and four o'clock this afternoon and chumps for between route 40 and Riley Road, And apparently they have got those animals off the road to 90 in north bro. What else can I throw in there? Oh, yeah, There's a kitchen sink. Not just getting I'm Laurie Grandi that Levi's ease traffic on the three son is trying to poke for these clouds and is often times successful. These clouds will burn off today. 68 degrees Right now it's going to be a warm and sticky 80 by the time this day is through.

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