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Technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red 15 and time for Dave Johnson. Have a story about belief this morning. Yeah, why not believe? That's where we learn from watching that Apple plus series, Ted Lasso. Oh, do you believe in ghosts? I do. But more importantly, I think they need to believe in themselves. All right, yeah, the Richmond kickers pro soccer team. It certainly believes it believes. It can get the Ted Lasso show. You ready for this to come to Richmond, Virginia. The president of the team is rob U crop. We have a couple of calls coming to the next couple of days and just trying to figure out how do we make this happen. And if it doesn't happen, it's been fun and exciting. And it just kind of connects us with AFC rich friends. So AFC Richmond, that's the team that Ted Lasso coaches in the show that it's about American coach try to coach an English soccer team. Richmond kickers, AFC Richmond. That makes sense, like so much of what Ted Lasso tells us. Gentlemen, believing in Ron communism is all about believing that everything's gonna work out in the end. Yeah. Now Richmond marketing company of Virginia film office of Richmond tourism in Virginia tourism, they're all trying to invite the cast and crew of Ted Lasso to Richmond. Major League Soccer all star gave two one win over the Mexican all star team town tonight in Leesburg, the Washington spirit lost in Portland two to one. The Orioles and Blue Jays rained down, that's gonna be made up September 15th, this tight wild card race, Orioles and rays tied for the final wild card. And that's lose the cubs four to two Padres and one Soto in town this weekend. In Baltimore tonight, they preseason football, the ravens and Titans. Dave Johnson. The top stories we're following for you this morning on WTO, gas prices now and a $4 a gallon for the first time in more than 5 months. Triple-A says the average national price for a gallon is three 99. Prices have dropped 15 cents in the past week, 68 cents in the past month. Fresh air is attacking scores of civilian and military targets today as it tries to establish full control over the eastern Ukraine regions of Luhansk and Donetsk. Ukrainian officials said a 120 rockets hit the area around the town of overnight, killing three people and wounding 7. Republicans on the House oversight and reform committee are requesting an immediate briefing from the acting archivist of the U.S., they wanted to preserve all documents and communications related to the FBI search warrant that led to the search of former president Trump's home in Florida. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. 8 17 and a funeral is scheduled for later this morning in Granger Indiana for congresswoman Jackie ski. She and three others were killed August 3rd and a head on crash

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