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Accomplished for the several. Last year's even before twenty twenty black visions and our partner reclaim the block and other community. Organizations have been calling for the divestment from policing and in particular the investment in our communities on in -ment as in investment in real safety the things that actually create the conditions for safe and healthy and vibrant communities like housing like healthcare quality access to jobs like water that you can drink things like that instead of pouring and wasting millions of dollars on that we know ultimately have one never been designed to protect and serve low income people people of color ever fact have were intentionally created to oppress and keep us in our current conditions That has really been our call since two thousand eighteen and so in twenty twenty it was really important and immediate call to action to defend the police after the murder of george floyd because for me and many of my comrades is what justice actually looks like is ending this and making sure that there is never another. George floyd or dante right or allowing dodd or mckee. O'brien or taylor ever again has really been the work that we've been doing. And we have been working with the city council to push for that demand right now. What that looks like here in minneapolis is calling for the development of a department of public safety in a charter change. In our city that will eliminate the requirement for the current shape of our police department. The amount of officers really the amount of money that we waste every year here in minneapolis on policing and allow us to move those resources. I'm increase the infrastructure at citywide level for real investment in safety alternatives. That do not rely on the police solely in a public health. Approach to how we think about safety here in minneapolis. That is centers care for all of our people and the city council. along with community organizers. Have been working on this initiative this year and excited to bring it to voters in november. This proposed charter. Change on what. I'll say about our our mayor jacob fry. Is that what we've seen. Since last summer. Into this point as he is completely inadequate to fulfill the responsibilities of his executive role to be clear about the types of decisions that he does or does not have power around to actually fulfill the promises that he ran on when he was being elected and has continuously tried to pit black communities against each other in order to preserve his political standing and actually not move forward on investments in community safety like his constituents have been calling for. So i think it's important for people to understand the ways that our mayor has really blocked and gotten in the way of justice. You know. I wanna shout out the george. Floyd square organizers who for almost an entire year have been out there every single day out there between eight. am til late into the evening. Protesting holding down truly sacred space. That is providing mutual aid and care to community members that is curing the art of this movement so that people can memorialize and remember this moment in is not letting the city back down from his promises that has been so crucial as well as the organizing led by young people during the uprising. Last summer that truly lit the fire under the conversation. Here in minneapolis but across the country and across the globe put pressure in all of the right places that were needed and then of course our demands alongside others to not just call for black lives mattering but for to call for a clear demands to change the system by defunding the police as we move towards abolition of the police ultimately over the years to come and invest in new in a new model. A new future a new vision for how do safety. So that's really the moment here. And i. i really appreciate you lifting up the importance of activism and not just activism but intentional organizing that folks have put into intentional strategy that community members have been building for decades to get to get us to this point. And it's just incredible moment of the bystanders. The passersby who simply cared didn't know each other including that the time the seventeen year. Old daughter neyla frazier. Who was the one who took that video and i want to just end this conversation with a reminder of what actually came out from the police department versus what did shortly after derek chauvin kill george floyd the minneapolis. Police department issued a press release describing what had happened. The release was titled man dies from medical incident during police interaction. The statement said in quote two officers arrived and located the suspect. A male believed to be in his forties in his car. He was ordered to step from his car after he got out. He physically resisted officers. Officers were able to get the suspect in handcuffs and noted he appeared to be suffering medical distress officers called for an ambulance. He was transported to hennepin county medical center by ambulance where he died a short time later it was only that video and then of course the eyewitness testimony of passersby who didn't know george floyd but who are deeply concerned about watching a slow motion murder that showed the lie of this press. Release your final comment candice. Yes eternally grateful for dr nella in her bravery in being willing to not only witness this murderer by report it. So that the family and others could pursue justice. For george floyd and again the police department will continue to show its true colors and what is actually rooted in Which is making up lies in committing crimes against humanity for the sake of maintaining. Its institutional power so i think that that is important in. It should not be lost on people that here in minnesota right now we are experiencing extreme response militarize occupation of national guard and millions of dollars being poured into policing risking these same conditions. And so you know. I think that it's important that we witnessed this that we document these things that we share these things that we continue to protest. We continue to get out on the streets because we know that the police will lie on our name. Any day Without hesitating and that only we are the ones who are able to keep us safe and reminding us of that and of course star now was with her nine year old cousin who is wearing a t shirt that said love candice montgomery co executive director of black visions collective of black lead queer and trans centering community organization based in the twin cities in minnesota. Next up we go to harvard. Professor khalil gibran author of the condemnation of blackness race crime.

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