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At sat up for fascinating semifinals in terms of the guys who we all know the recognizable names are on one side of the draw. There come through their schedule boats on Freddie but but etc perfectly for an interest in the quarterfinal won the standard obviously local news on the fate at the heart of the punt the main villain and everyone's is also in many ways with avenue information on Luga and in the in the past. You know you can't go you can't hang his head forever. Never been in the past Davis show in mental frisbee mental. Frailty me immensely not knowing about this opponents. Could this close to a fight Kuku panic but it could be our could not could not be the mental sake. Yes is it. He gets sake do over ten twelve weeks are as it lasting kapoor not really gonNA do exactly what were fields are fields mentally and his build. Some she's gotTa Chuck's the father of new fight didn't go part of the few failures. He preferred not to look at anybody. Not The new who really just want to get in because only over the process and some as you say over obsessed but it's it's interesting there's so many different and characters in this division compared to the twenty six th division. Yes we didn't have the Qena the standard character so you have the by the guy who is painted. Obviously as hard mechanics got like a cult following from Ireland. Logan Union is the unknown. No one knows he really is Mohammed. Moon Moon has mixed at a higher level. The most these guys are and then you have the replacements the replacements and get the way they are getting the choices and also this interlocking because Kim was meant to fight back off. She hired. Howard Davis with Poland? The Cana Hannah's books Benson really close fight. So there's a lot of a lot of definitely nasty made internal rave as you said. Naturally I think gathered and Sacchi face each other on this and the kitten picks up its stuff exact leaf leaf. That's exactly what happened to your Mimouni interested me as well. Because when he called a wonderful wit there were still three people left to to pick from so there was Tara McKenna. China and Davis each January. Just didn't really seem.

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