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Route the home run his major league leading forty third meanwhile up in Seattle yanks the mariners no contest once again showing on I had earlier today right it is it is this is a three run home run Gardner let the party begin John sterling with the call on Yankees radio yank shut out the mariners seven nothing home once for judging Gardner Masahiro Tanaka's seven scoreless elsewhere the Dodgers and Yankees now I have the best records in the sport there eighty seven forty seven each Dodgers beat the Padres nine do nothing Diamondbacks over the giants three two red Sox get by the Rockies tend to six of what external up on the Royals to one twins three white Sox won Astros pal the race fifteen to one your down Alvarez with two home runs Yadier Molina hit two home runs cardinals double up on the brewers sixty three cubs beat the Mets five to two despite Pete Alonso's forty second home run Indians ten Tigers one Reds over the Marlins eight to five blue jays beat the Braves three to one pirates five Phillies four and the Orioles white the nationals two to nothing turning your attention now to football according to sources to David Clowney is met with the dolphins a potential home for the former first round pick was yet to sign his franchise tender with the Texans peddlers coach Ron Rivera says the cam Newton will be ready for the September eighth season opener against the LA rams Eagles receiver DeSean Jackson broke his ring finger during practice Tuesday he should be able to go week one against the Redskins forty Niners of least former Super Bowl MVP linebacker Malcolm Smith hello to sophomore defensive back Kelvin Joseph one of the Tigers prized recruit in two thousand eighteen is transferring to Kentucky Tiger Woods underwent arthroscopic knee surgery recently he's hoping to be back on tour by the end of October US open date June I'll be a soccer Rafael Nadal headline the winners I'm Jay Berman this is Jim Rome join me in the jungle weekdays from twelve to three.

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