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Winning when reggie miller was screaming no no no the all star game without a fee and something as perc said the players care about all sorry. Mvp i think they care more about it. Now that the trophy is named for bryant. Can it was awesome to see the joy that he played with. And all that you you can go sixteen of sixteen at la fitness against me and it still means something so i think it's definitely something it's just not everything. He can't get everything until the playoffs. But it was awesome. A great night for jaanus. It was really moving to hear him. Talk about what that trophy meant to him. He said i have a now going to have a trophy with kobe. Bryant's next me in my house and we know kobe really was very fond of janas. He tweeted at him. Mvp is a challenge before janas ever one one so that was a really nice full circle. Moment they're right next up. Joel embiid ben. Simmons pulled from the all star. Game health and safety protocols after contact with a philadelphia barbara who later tested positive for covid nineteen. Now doc rivers said sunday. He's hopeful they will be backed by thursday. But that depends on the league's contact tracing program. How much risk. The doctors assess them to have been at if they have to sit a full week. They could miss. Two games against the bulls thursday the wizards on fridays zach. Sixers duo missing the all star game possibly multiple goal games. More something nothing or everything. Obviously it's something. This is the world we live in now in the most important thing right off the bat is hopefully the barber is okay because this thing is no joke it hit some people really hard in our focus immediately was who's out for the also game is they're going to replace but no the focus should be with the barbara. But yeah i mean this is. This is the reality of the world until things change and this is going to keep happening in the second half of the season until and unless there's sort of mass vaccination and the second half of the season doesn't have that built in cushion at the back of the schedule at least as things exist now so the nba just has to cross. Its fingers and hope that a team doesn't have a spurs.

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