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I wanna give a shout to some of my favorite restaurants where visited during the years. I've been a student. And i encourage you to try them at some point when you go to. Many of these places have student discount. I recommend you should check out full awful palace. My hero sandwiches kings burgers send your soul pita pockets just to name a few on a side note which may sound unrelated but if you have lots of free time swing by the northridge. Fashion center aka the mall which is a short drive or bus right from campus. Maybe when i finished making this episode i may ask some friends and professors of mine to see if they have other coach tips to share with me. If so i'll make a part of this episode while share with you their advice to enhance your college experience pru like i've said throughout the show colleges quite an adventure they're both missteps and trump's along the way at the time that and mcguinness episode graduation is now three weeks away and i have a lot to reflect on the last five years i've been season. I'm both excited and said i'm graduating soon. But i'll say these thoughts for a later post graduation episode. Which i might do after i submit my final assignment ever as a c. son student. But don't worry. Am i make some more episodes reflect on my experiences after i graduate for now i want to share with you. A little summary. The advice i in this episode to make your college experience more fun even though college exhausting. It's gonna be fun. It's going to be studying every single night. At some point you need to make roofer funds such as going to a game or hanging out with your friends in short. I consider college student. Good luck and have fun. Well that's all. I have for today coming up next to my favorite professors will be on this show in the meantime. We should have like and follow graduation at ca facebook. Visit the shows pod. Peach website that's p. deep p a. g. e. and look for on wherever platform. You tune it for your podcasts. Until next time on ricardo lopez garcia later..

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