Denver, Sheriff Smith, Denver Public Schools discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Acres Wednesday. It's now 158,000 acres. Former county sheriff Justin Smith, speaking at a virtual public meeting, said that there were structures impacted, but they don't know how many yet. We're not going for a little while. Really dangerous area. There's down trees coming down with the damage assessment teams to get them back up with that it's safe, but it's much better than I expected up there. Sheriff Smith says It was a bad day, but there were no reported injuries or deaths. The Cameron Peak fire is now 56% contained. A troubling spike in Kobe 19 cases in Denver as Denver public schools, putting a pause on in classroom learning for middle and high school students. They were supposed to be back in the classroom next week. Definitely know that this is a big disappointment for secondary students and our schools and staff have been working really hard to make plans to save the real than our doors was not an easy decision to make. Superintendent Susanna Cordova says The decision will be re evaluated at the end of the month. While health departments in Denver and Adams County watching a rapid increase in covert 19 cases, there are other people watching two restaurant owners. If Denver and Adams County Goto level three status. It will be devastating restaurants, retail stores, gems, We all be reduced to 25% capacity. And that would just be ah, just such a nail in the coffin for so many of us that can't there are least arriving with the capacity the way it is..

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