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Thousand dollar shopping spree at park royal pretty cool a weekend at big white. Ski resort did dutch gift certificates and so much more for the first few weeks the much coveted secure. Some price hats from nine o'clock gun company are going to be up for grabs. You win you get to pick them out hat or blake hat. I have my preference there. One is plant brimmed. Thanks to all our partners for jumping on board with this including office pools so keep an eye on the garrison. Price social channels will be inviting you to sign up for the inaugural secure some price against the spread pro. Football bickham pool presented by boat dog very soon in fact perhaps as soon as tomorrow told the running final tests. We talked about this yesterday. We liked the spread pool. Just because it's a little bit more of an equalizer for everybody. Picking nfl games against the spread all sixteen of them week in week out or some weeks. There's fewer because the buys but Can be difficult so you can hear huge swings right. You know someone could go thirteen and three one week three and thirteen the next week. It's happened to me so looking forward to playing against all of you in nfl. Pick him and Huge thanks everybody. Who stepped up with prizes. Here that is just a sampling of the prices that we're going to have for winners both weekly and seasonal silicon force us. Do you have any input. I i'm going to share one tactic. I have every gath- around town story but we probably now. The book did adjust to this at one point after we first suss it ice right in. Nfl gambling column years ago for post media picks.

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