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In brazil where they took aaron land that had absolutely nothing growing on it and they were eight they put they planted trees and grass and put cows on tour to rome in the whole forest came back because you know they need they need you know the nitrogen from the the feces is what you know fixes the soil and they need them walking around on land and i mean i think that i think that's tremendously promising so let's talk a little bit donen differ road because you know saturated fat is bad according to experts but vegetable oils are good according to experts that we should be consuming a lot of these polyunsaturated basically megan six refined oils like soybean oil which is ten percent calories corn oil south oil sunflower canola oil and they're all saying these great we should consume more them what do you have to say to that well okay so going back to answer keys when they said avoid saturated fats you're supposed to replace them with vegetable oils right that was the idea going back to the nineteen sixties well this is where the food industry does come in a little bit just to start off this story so the the the vegetable industry was kind of born in the early nineteen hundreds right the first vegetable oil product was crisco right so you see that those oils were used for the industrial revolution they were lose to kate machinery and then they figured out how to harden them to make them and they learn how to bleach them and make white and then they thought and it was actually proctor and gamble that that figure out how to do that they were going to make it into a soap soaps made from oil and said they look an awful lot like lard let's try to sell it as a food so they started to sell it as a food and yes so it turns out that they contained that it's what they hardening vegetable oils is done through a process called hydrogenated in that produces trans fats but so these these trans fatty harden oils were started to be sold to americans in nineteen eleven so quinson ly heart disease starts to take off right right around maybe like ten years later we started seeing increases in death from heart disease so then proctor and gamble figures out how to just sell oil is oil so what.

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