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The health professional shortage areas Richard Burke is with envoy global which prepares visa applications for businesses like hospitals he says the issue is simply supply and demand U. S. citizens of all students are not graduating in the requisite levels with stem degrees to address this shortage is only gonna get more profound the trump administration has said the freeze on work visas will protect jobs that could go to American workers my second Bobby an attorney with the American immigration lawyers association says that won't happen you need these H. one B. physicians who are willing to go to Alabama or Georgia you know parts of the beltway that just don't have enough doctors and now this sends a signal to all of them look we don't care about you we don't want you to come here I work in the United States and she's worried the visa freeze will push them to get jobs in other countries I'm jasmine Garst for market place this quick item immigration adjacent to its from the marketplace desk of yeah I guess turnabout is fair play The New York Times reports today that as the European Union prepares to re open its borders a draft list of countries whose nationals will not be welcome to travel to the European Union because they failed to control the virus that list includes Russia Brazil and the United States there was a little louder in the markets overnight but all was well once the bell sounded we'll have details when we do the numbers there was a bit of a set to last night.

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