Jerry Sandusky, Robert Butler, Jessica Rosenthal discussed on Mark Levin


Timely Seles Sarah fox news it it's great former college football coach in court today for re sentencing a state appeals court rejected former Penn state coach Jerry Sandusky's request for a new trial but did note that sentencing laws have changed in the state so Friday Sandusky was re sentenced but the judge ordered him to serve the same amount of time as before thirty to sixty years one of his attorneys Robert Butler said it could affect their appeal you don't want to be facing trial in the year immigrated when your client is eighty five years old so you have to see you take a look at what is still available to us in state court Sandusky choked up in court and thanked his supporters telling the judge he cannot show remorse for something he hasn't done during trial in twenty twelve eight men testified Sandusky sexually abused them boxes Jessica Rosenthal a middle school student under arrest in Los Angeles after threatening to shoot up a school LA county sheriff Alex be in the way of us as the threat was made in the animal may Jamison charter middle school the thread alleges tune was going to shoot other students at the school on Friday November twenty second today multiple students over heard the school thread on campus in teachers emailed the administration about concerns raised by the students a rifle was found at the students home along with one hundred rounds of ammunition along with a hand drawn map and a list of names of all students and staff members at the school president trump firing back after the conclusion of this week's house intelligence committee hearing president trump says after a week's worth of impeachment hearings there's no reason he should face impeachment in the house there should never be an impeachment this is not an impeachment that that phone call was totally appropriate okay totally the president in a wide ranging interview on fox and friends said he welcomes a Senate trial suggesting he could attend to call witnesses like former vice president Joe Biden's.

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