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I'm talking about time off a moment ago. I was not here on Wednesday or yesterday. Cherry. Did you and Mr T on Wednesday or You and Chris duel yesterday talked all about the death of Spencer Davis. We did not shame on you, man. No, this is Slappy. Coworkers say I'm in a different studio. You can touch me OK? Spencer Davis, leader of the Spencer Davis Group passed away on Tuesday at the age of 81. His agent, said he died in the hospital while being treated for pneumonia. Born in Wales in 1939 in the early days of Spencer Davis is career he performed in bands with the likes of Rolling Stones, Bill Wyman. Christine Perfect, Who later, of course, became Fleetwood Mac's Christine McVie, and he formed the Spencer Davis Group in 1963 with a 15 year old Steve Winwood on keyboards and guitar and bass guitar in that band was Steve Winwood's brother, Muff. Winwood. I'm guessing that's a nickname. They had huge hits. Keep on running in 65. Somebody helped me in 1966 Davis later released a couple of solo albums. He will be missed rest in peace and also passing away. We ever heard of actress and dancer Marge Champion. She died on Wednesday at the age of 101 years old. Oh, no. She was starting her career dancing and acting in films in the late 19 thirties. Her first gig was being the model. For Disney Snow White. Oh, wow! In the 1937 animated classic. Her father was a dancer and was friends with Walt Disney. The movies. All male animation team studied her movements in order to make snow white. Move more Realistically, they also used her movements for dopey The Blue Fairy and Pinocchio hyacinth hippo in Fantasia and Mr Stork in Dumbo. So wide spectrum there Yeah, and speaking of wide spectrums. Her stepdaughter. Marge's stepdaughter is Katey Sagal from married with Children and sons of anarchy. John Hannity's morning minute your weekend Earworm before nine. If you were hurt in an accident, Thomas Tree Henry can help. Let us help you get a rental car, make your medical.

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