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Here in the mythos area. In our co host here, we have pet Golstein of cry like and she works in the west Tennessee, north Mississippi area pet. What's your phone number nine one six zero six two thousand you know, we're talking about finding the home you love with perfect financing that fits and wanted to go into some some information about how to find the financing that fits joke. How can somebody know what financing truly fits with? You know, what you really need to find out? How much you really make an income, and what you really spend on your obligations. I can just about tell you right now. If I ask you right now, what is your income in the night? Ask you, what are you spend every month? You would tell me what you think. And then when you go back to when you go back to actually look and see on your Bank statements and on your credit card statements, what you actually make and what you actually spend. You're going to be shocked at its you spend a lot more than you think. And you make a lot less than you think on knit. But here's what I was suggesting that you people don't like to talk about budget. So go ahead and get you some really good tunes lined up and ready to to play and get you stop. You know, like your timer? Set a timer for like an hour. Maybe two hours or if you can't even do that forty five minutes is better than nothing gets your Bank statements in front of you and your credit card statements in front of you. And then hit the tunes hit the timer and go look on your Bank statements if you only get through three two. Two six months, you will find out how much income is actually going into your Bank account. And this may be online at may pay for statements. Look at your credit card statements, look at the things that actually go out and see how much you're actually spending..

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