Van Morrison Val Kilmer, Yankees, Gary Cooper discussed on The Patti Vasquez Show


I should right i probably shouldn't do a disc jockey show now i i don't think either reggiana repair to lazett radio shows like and know that yet but i do not rock and roll them i will blood specially robbed a classic radio but i did liked the movie i did like the doors movie dow kilmer he was great with van morrison val kilmer is all very confused well we have four winners that's pretty good rick deed darn good ice a wealth all right well thanks for staying up late with us folks this is our three it's one of those sat in in the morning monday morning program two hundred and at least we have in this hour yes idea what is he's got screened or actors playhouse yes we do at tampere thirtieth 1949 pride of the yankees yep gary cooper reprising his role and we'll have that in just a minute but i states time for us celebrities scoop i said this actress stars in the upcoming psychological thriller the house that jack belt which follows a serial killer over the course of 12 years sounds really cool and the winner gets a pair of tickets to see hair which is the rock musical playing at the mercury theater chicago ri the number to call to win those tickets three one two nine eight one seven two hundred.

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