Tar Mcginn, Four Weeks, One Day discussed on Coast To Coast AM with George Noory


Paid it so i've a accumulated these reward points will one day it said you know auction did with your reward points and i went would only have so i clicked it i'm online and i've got a million and a half reward points that's worth of foretell a fortune and so it said conducting auction right now and you could buy things at auction if you had enough points and then you see what happens in in this haug shen was was four weeks law and i went on and looked at it and do you know what they had up they're not whether they have prince signed good tar mcginn amazing and this is after he died right yeah and so i'm sandy weill in i'm watching this thing in it's up to like eighty thousand points and i'm looking at mine and i've got a million and a half points and i'm i'm going this is something but it is but you but you did and then you know you you see what happens in so i bid 85000 and so i was the top bidder in and i i came back and our later knows already if the like a hundred twenty so i decided look this thing is four weeks long i'm going to wait until the last halfhour four weeks from now when i'm going to come back right and i did and now it's up to eight hundred thousand points and i've got enough points i've got enough points so i'm is so i'm so being a old buyer of horses at auction racehorses you.

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