Saudi Royal Family, Iran, Assad discussed on 24 hour News


Now we're going to see his his nemesis of sorts the amir of utter at the white house meeting with president trump are we going to see any kind of diplomatic breakthrough on that standoff between the country's all right yeah yeah yeah well i mean who who knows but it doesn't seem very likely the hatred between the royal family and the saudi royal family is almost as deep as the hatred between the saudi royal family and the leaders of iran they they the saudis have defined for themselves and for the moderate socalled moderate arab wing who the enemies are iran assad and to a lesser extent but still important extent the outlying cutters so it's it's very very difficult to see donald trump negotiating peace between gulf states i mean he stood in the rose garden last year and said that qatar was funding terrorism at the very highest levels and now he's got the head of state coming to see him welcome to the middle east i mean you know the cutter also is home to important us military installations and the pentagon obviously wants us to calibrate that relationship like he wants us to calibrate all relationships and donald trump is not an expertise does not have expertise in calibrating relationships in the middle east or possibly in many other places so we'll we'll see how this meaning goes but nothing nothing grand is gonna come out of it i don't think the president will be traveling at the end of this week to south america.

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