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Run campaign. He even ran ads from this radio. They never asked me for permission. But they ran ads. Yeah. My show about what a disaster. She was right. No. I saw the ads. No. But that shit that was identity politics get away from the identity politics. Let's get character, competency, and charisma. Let's get candidates that have those characteristics. And who cares if they're black white Christian, Muslim, Brown, Latino, whatever whatever is praying. At the Lubbock county or Lubbock sitting, you know, if they got character charisma incompetence more power to them. Let's get them regardless of their gender. Any of that kind of stuff? We need candidates that have those qualities, and so part of what I have to do is is I have to identify those people in our community that have those qualities that also have the same values that we have in the Democratic Party, and we need to you know, we need to be encouraging those people to get involved and growing those people within the democrat. So you just said you personally speaking is that not a feeling within the the mainstream of the Lubbock county Democratic Party. No, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that I'm giving my personal opinions. And I'm not speaking on behalf of the of the party proper. You've had meetings since the election. Sure is that a fair sampling of what you're saying. No, that's that's my. Personal tirade that. I just went on. Yeah. That's not. So then I would think you as chairman or saying, hey, guys, we've got to begin to appeal to the middle. We have an opportunity here. And maybe that is or is not being hurt. Lubbock is a very unique place. It's it's it's a. Lubbock presents a number of challenges. We had one candidate in the last election who was dyed in the wool Bernie Sanders. Democrat we had another candidate who was more of a Jon tester much more conservative democratic candidate. Our are Bernie Sanders candidate lost forty percent to.

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