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Just one thing done. One thing can I just do one thing? How do you keep an economy going out to keep the stock market going? How do you keep again, we're talking about the jobless rate. How do you keep that going with all of this constant shit being you of everybody wants to comment on somebody's book or somebody's like Bob Woodward combs book Sean Spicer's Moreau says like there's a million, fuck intello's. Allegedly of of what's going on inside the White House. How do you get anything done? How does anything in the world continue to move his? What's crazy this, Tom Arnold. Yeah. Just about to get to that. Oh, God, you brought it up. Yeah. So he is alleging that's he got shocked out by Mark Burnett at a party. Yeah. 'cause he was asking for he's asking for these tapes, these tapes from the behind the scenes of the apprentice. Is that? Yes. Okay. Tom Arnold is doing a show on vice, yes called I think it's called like releasing the Trump tapes or hunt for the Trump tapers something something along that lines. And he's been out making this docu series forever where he's just trying to get to the bottom of things. First of all, no one asks for Tom Arnold. Now to even have a career, let alone crazier person looking for going. Remembers is interview on CNN which bat shit crazy. So now he's, I mean, he's full on lost it. So I don't know because they usually don't let 'em like cameras and parties like that because it was after the okay, they don't. Usually they don't know ever. I my deal like my first job in l. a. was I was a waiter at the Emmys. They don't allow anything in there that EMI controlled. There's no way they got cameras there. I wonder if he just lost it and just give me something I'm getting Notting and started choking, Mark Burnett because I don't know the alleged rumor by the way with Mark Burnett sich is this, he produced the apprentice. He's arguably one of the biggest television producers in history. By the way, does a million things survivor apprentice you name it, Mark Burnett is fucking donuts, and the supposed- allegations are that he's got all the beats. He has the behind the scenes. Hits all the hot mic of a sound files over the old footage from a camera was on or wasn't on, you know, the drill from in movies, and apparently there's some incriminating shit on their. Everybody says there is, but I will say this to, here's my response to that is this you could go through any of my fuck and move files and find me screaming at people yelling at people saying when when cling Crawford is on the show, you can find me doing that a million times. And I would look like fucking you could find any actor doing that a million times because you think you're having a private conversation, right? That's the difference. Sometimes you're not sometimes your mic is on accident. Sometimes the cameras are on accident, right? You don't know. But you live under this code of ethics in filmmaking where you're like, hey, man, we're only using what we need for the show or the movie itself, and the rest of the footage will be discarded. I don't know who Mark Burnett voted for, but he has been steadfast. Refusing to allow this footage out forever. And I, I don't know if you remember this for two weeks before the election, they were. They were circled up outside of his office. It was like fifty people protesting, asking demanding release the footage, just stuff like the bus where it's like he talks he's talking about golden showers and like weird shit, like nothing that's going to grab and Posey's. Locker room talk James. We've already been there. So like anything he said is going to be stuff that you'll be like well on, you know, that was Trump then? Yeah. So the promo for it hunt for the tapes or whatever is zero promo. Yeah, on vice..

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