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When you talk about and what about marion jones again. What you're talking individuals ample what what about major league baseball. You still own storm. Listen you're still giving individual examples like no one tops. Russia their team pop. That means the government in his own board. The coaches on like we need you to be. We need our country dominant. Everybody jump on this shit. Come on bro. i can see you know. Obviously jose can and mark maguire russians. You know again individuals. Would you got me on. I look all series. As i understand what you're saying you're saying there's a difference between kind of state sponsored cheating and the individual cheating that kinda takes place a repeat what i said because you took your headphones off. You're saying there's a difference between kind of state sponsored sheeting ledge of taking place in russia and the individual cheating in the united states. But you also gotta remember that sports in the united states is set. Up as a do-or-die everyone's out for themselves individual endeavor you don't have amateur athletes pretty much You know where. It's their fulltime job to represent the united states in sports. You know so. It's a little bit different. But all i'm saying is that the united states eight. You know allergic to cheat and its like does ally that cheating in the united states. You know that goes into sports. It goes into politics. It goes into corporate america You know a goes into what i do like i got my little public teachers shared onto this today. And you know Recently in the news year new york you know there was principals accused of like What was it like doctoring. Like state test results and stuff and like losing their jobs and shit over it so cheating is cheating row. All i'm saying is that timmy. Luis ortiz looks like a forty two year old Your really looked at much older than that. But if i'm wrong i'm wrong now i mean. Look if we're going off. Looks i don't think he looks as old as people make him out to be. I been in jim woodham. I've i've stood next to him. I've watched them work. You know what i mean like. I don't think he looks or moves or acts age or rather the age he's perceived to be but that that's the thing like will your boy. Joel joys get credit or will you know the same people that diminish luis ortiz now and say who has he be and he's only lost two wilder You know will they give joe joystick credit. I think that a reasonable objective observers of the sport. We'll give him credit if he puts on a impact. Emphatic performance like where he's utterly dominated of them because other than wilder and let's be honest while it wasn't really dominant until he got the ko. I mean both times. It were dominating cao's but the overall performance from beginning to end wasn't necessarily dominating i would say So if you could come out. Joe joyce and just get that hammerfest jab going juggernaut style. You know marvel super villain style and just walk them down and eat punches like hugely at an just be kind of overwhelm luis ortiz. And get the ko. I i think that he should get some credit for that. You know. I think he should get as much credit as anyone could get for beating luis ortiz at this stage There are other people. I think that would be more natural opponents. Ah for him. I think deleon white would be a great opponent because to me the third-place slot amongst british heavyweight disputable. You know And i think that that would be a great opportunity to be next man up. You know. Yeah i would love this. I really love this fight. But what about my theory. That our won't do it because he'll just advise lewis like you can find your joys but i'm trying to set you up with andy ruiz because they would rather cash out a common opponent with wilder to their first mexican former heavyweight champion That was you know unified so they can further build that wilder by because if wilder and ruis fight without a title will watch it the way we watched joe joyce tackle so why not cash them out to ortiz. Excuse me ruis ruiz. Ortiz has been rumored for a while. Now ruis makes sense The thing with you guys will probably remember that. He was actually signed the match room before and was kind of shelved and people thought that they just acquired them and show them that. Keep them away from aj. I dunno if that's true or not. I'll never know if that's true or not but luis. Ortiz is not really been that active in really got a lot of shots other than the wilder fights switch. We're good shots that he didn't capitalize are So if you're him you gotta think of do i stick with pbc in hope that they put me in as the b side. Because that's what it would be against you know may maybe a a ruis or even maybe account nakae if he gets past to laney's Or do you try to test the waters over there with with queensberry and you know. See what to do against job joyce ida. I think you're using the wrong words When interpreting or assuming ortiz would do. I don't think he would use the word may be. I think he would say to himself. Dan do i take the joe. Joyce fight or do i sit and way outta give me you know ruis or someone. Because i think he's sure that he's going to get something from them No one's been able to move luis ortiz. Like i'll hayman remember. He was a fighter that was disgruntled with golden boy tested positive in the latif coyote fight with golden boy and then was cast away Came back got fights with al then match sign them for three fight deal to keep them away from anthony joshua he popped again claimed blood pressure who took him back with open arms out again. Rebuilt them gave him the tune-ups he needed plus the fight with wild..

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