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At quarters. It's Salt Lake's retro arcade bar here's Boehner candidate. And number one. He was always licking my neck. Twenty-three-year-old laura. Knob lock. Has come forward with allegations that her father, Minnesota state Representative Jim knob, lock inappropriately touched kissed and pinned her down throughout her childhood from ages nine to twenty one. Just as Minnesota public radio. News was preparing to break the story on Friday outlet reports. Knob lock announced his decision to pull out of his reelection campaign, citing stress that the media attention was would put on his family. He denied the allegations. In a written statement and call them indescribably hurtful. Laura. His daughter posted a link to the MP our story on Facebook with taxed my heart has never felt this heavy, but my shoulders have never been so light. Indeed. She would have she would have borne the weight of the alleged incidents alone throughout her lifetime. The behavior which she believes began at age nine when he allegedly entered her bad licked her neck. Bit her ear became so routine in her bed on the couch watching movies in the kitchen that it was a defining part of her relationship with her father, Minnesota public radio reports she claims that over thirty times for father prestige weighed against her. So she could not escape in one instance at age twenty she says, he pushed her against a car and kissed her and licked her neck rose. It goes on this happen throughout her childhood. She said she told her friends, she she had told some friends teacher a church leader throughout her childhood. Nobody did nothing came of those attempts. You wonder why people don't come forward? The pastor said that child protection services didn't take the allegations seriously a sexual abuse. And the teacher claims he reported their conversation in a note to a school principal in two thousand thirteen but to no effect. The school denies having that note on record. MPR notes that Jim had been a school board member for years. Laura's cousin Isabel Hughes confirmed MPR that she told her about the touching and kissing twice in elementary school. But astronaut to tell because her parents told her not to tell anyone. Again, we wonder why spoke nipples a childhood friend also recalled that her father was unsettling Lee, touchy with Laura on Friday. Jim knob locked again, an eight term congressman. Said in a statement that he was ending his campaign to heal his family. All block also stated that Laura had been estranged. He and Laura had been a strange for some time after her original Facebook post back in two thousand sixteen. Boehner candidate number one. He was always licking my neck. Boater candidate number two..

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