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And then I guess if they play a smaller percentage than that will take the percentages of these. And Now we'll let Vince and Bill and Nancy Huggins pick this if they want to. When when they're back on, But we guarantee they gotta figure can't wait till the 1st 1st of August to pick And I guarantee week that the prize one of the prizes will be an envelope full of confetti, Okay? Don't groan. Then there's gonna be a legitimate price. Okay? And now also home run leaders. I guess I'll tell you my amount home run amount. I'm gonna pick Louise Roberts for the white sacks with 35 heavier bias for the Cubs with 35. So who do you guys pick Tyler? Who and how many. I'm going to go with the guy who's been really hot through camp. I'm going to go with Jack Peterson. He's already got seven in spring training. I think we can keep that up in the regular season, and he's gonna be playing for that big contract this year. So give me Jack Peterson with 36. And then for the White Sox. I'll take Jose. A bre you with 38. I almost picked up Brady you but I was between Robert and a brave as well. Yeah. Okay. Jen Drummond. Now we could go. I want to take any minute. He's easily but he's out. I think six months, so I guess they won't do that. I'm going to go on. So no, I'm not going to go with the Robert. I'm going toe. Bray you I'm gonna hit him. Repeat again. I'd say he will you lead the team in home runs with With the FDA of a number here. Okay, let's see. Yeah, that would be a tiebreaker. OK, I'll say 30 34 home runs 34 for the Cubs and for the Cubs, Billy, I'm not going with Peterson mellow. It's tempting. I'm gonna go with results and put.

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