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In the horse business could benefit your program. Give tommy or wendy a call a personally advised on each horse as if they were their own and it was a big day earlier this week for legacy when they sold a city of light coal. We've talked about him before. For seven hundred ten thousand dollars to maye berry farm where he well done. Tommy wendy congratulations to you guys. And they'll be offering their yearling selling on thursday and friday at of barnes thirty three. So if you're on the grounds and you want to go check them out go see their consignment Firepower includes first crop stallions accelerate motown tapper plus yearlings by practical joke midnight lute and more and i know john has a couple of notes on the legacy consignment. Yeah i mean you look at a consigners you say what are the benchmarks. Were the that the points that you want to look for. When when you look for consigners and i can tell you a buyer. What i'm looking for is that the horses looked like they're in good flesh. They look like they're You know in in good form and And they look like they can continue to to move up. The ladder improving. And i'm not the only one to say that. I mean you say it when you put your hand up and you start bidding on horses but listen to these programs. I bought from legacy. Maye berry farm winchell thoroughbreds Routh knicks john. Oxley liz crow kings equine christina geom-. I mean the list goes on and on and on so that that was an important thing and from a seller standpoint if i was you know for when i looked sell horses i look at what the strike rate is meaning how many what's the percentage of horses that they sold. And you know guys. If i told you that the average industry strike rate is about two thirds you wanna sell about sixty seven percent of the horses that come through your consignment legacy bloodstock so far to date at the keeneland. September sale is at ninety percent. They sold ninety percent of their horses to the public and even more impressed than that. Only one of them was a private sale afterwards. So they are recognizing with the market you know with the value of the horses are the marketplace is is taking those horses and running with it and that's just an outstanding outstanding percent or a ninety percent strike rate that's almost unheard and we'll not that makes everybody look good. It makes us hours. Look good it makes the sale. Look good so yeah very ver- very good to to accurately pricier horses and you know it's they had a very successful sale on seven hundred ten thousand dollars. That's a big time score. So congratulations to you guys. Short.

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