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That's why the the mets have to go do something and again i don't know if kris bryant even available to know how much it's going to take get him but they need kris bryant or someone of that ilk in the middle of that order and then they have to get to graham healthy then they have to get the door back then. They can make a run at a nationally good in october. Steve cohen is not going to sit around and let the state founder and not make claps. We've been talking reason weeks. How they're focused to this. Point has been on a starting pitcher. And i don't know exactly who they're locked in on but let's face it. A cow gibson of the rangers might make some sense. Jose burritos twins decided to sell players under control beyond this year. I was told over the weekend. That's not their attitude right now but i'll double down on what you said about the other teams in division. We've already seen the braves. And how alex baba's did their general managers can handle this year's death by now obviously is well aware in the loss ronald kuni junior and not having marcella zone of the rest of the year. Losing mike sirocco the rest of the year. He understands how devastating those injuries are. But he also knows that they're going to have travis star no back They're going to have noah back in that will probably be those guys back in their line of sometime in the first couple of weeks of august. And i think he feels like he hasn't obligation to his players to run out of the ground ball team. We always talk about effort. Level among players to hit around ball shortstop. You should run hard. I think the same is true for general managers. And that's what we saw. Alex do over the last four days. Go out and make a deal for jock. peter said. Go out and make a deal for stephen boat now. Are those guys difference making players. Probably not it'd probably gonna make a difference. The braves are probably to flaw in the head. Too many injuries. They're gonna try. And you and i you mench about the phillies eating their owner. John middleton who is desperate to win you know it's been so long that a decades phillies of sniff dot over a decade do. Does anybody think the john middleton is gonna stand down and dave dombrowski first-year offbeat general manager of the phillies are a baseball operations This is someone who someday like you is gonna make speech in cooperstown. He's won championships before anybody think he's not going to make a big deal. He's excellent at trade deadline deals. And you know. Mike rizzo the general manager the nationals. If he has a sniff they could be in the race in at some point. They'll get couch quarterback. They've got a veterans team. Guys like max scherzer. Anybody think those three teams are just gonna stand down and wait for the mets to get their injured guys back. No you're right. Buster the the three general managers chasing the mets are three of the most aggressive guys out there and they are not going to stop short when they have a chance to do this so I'm a big believer in st teams on the field. But the gm's are going to get something done here. Because it's dave dombrowski stymie year mike rizzo's time of year and alexander the time of year. So this'll be fascinating to watch right. Let's just touch on the rest of the trade market teams that potentially could be aggressive or not aggressive. I saw the red sox over the weekend that to meet him. The that's an interesting team to watch leading trade deadline. Because when i look at their situation in the players they have in their lineup. chris sale coming back. And let me tell you the stuff. I was hearing yesterday about chris sale. They are so excited about what he might bring to the table in terms of how well he's throwing to me. That's a team. That absolutely should be aggressive. The questions whether or not owner. John henry is gonna step in and say. Hey let's go call the cubs and let's talk about craig kimbrel deal. Let's talk about a deal you know. Maybe it's a two for an you. Go and get anthony rizzo to play first base and they have to get somebody to play first base buster you saw last night. You reported christian royal play first base last night because they need somebody else to help. Bobby dall back down there because he has so much trouble especially against right in hitters. They have to go get a left handed hitter at least a platoon first base. This is a really good offensive team. But they've lost six out of eight and haven't hit with chased balls out of the strike zone and pitching which has been so much better has not been good. These last eight games and i. I can't imagine the red sox just sitting around doing nothing now. They have to get better if they're going to win this division. They have to get better if they're going to hang on and make the plows and buster. I've seen this a million times and so of you inside the clubhouse when the players recognized the gm is trying to make us better. They're going after people. It changes the look of the clubhouse and the feel of the clubhouse when they sit there and say look. Our ownership doesn't even think we could win. We're not gonna do anything to help our team. That's a big let down. So i don't think the red sox are gonna let their team stumbled for another two weeks. They're going to go do something at the deadline..

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