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Well, I mean, I guess I'm just really curious because I he's maybe the first example or one of one of the first examples of somebody who I guess like as you get older, you don't get like the music the younger you do. But a lot of people don't get like why people love this guy or let love this. I think he's talented. I yeah, I think he's a star. Get can he the has the celebrity, you know, around him the insanity. You think it's you can survive that when you start that young? I know we really hard to to think about heart. This everybody around you whether it's him or any other star like that everybody is on your paycheck. So you know, how much you're going gonna say to them, you know. I mean, you're lucky if you have somebody on us that's going to say, hey, you know, what they're doing this. Or, you know, you're gonna really get in serious trouble or whatever because they could just take just go. All right. You're fired all the sync offense can come in. And I generally feel they see not necessarily Justice. But I've been around other artists in my career. And I see it and part of me feels pity for them. 'cause you know, no one's really there. And by the way, I'm always on people. You know, part of the problem was with somebody like Whitney that wasn't happening. Right. I mean, you know, and then you've seen a lot of I've seen a lot of that. But then within that might be another scenario where you know, you can only do so much you can put someone in rehab. You know, ten times if they're not gonna get better. They're not you know, what I mean because some of its up to themselves, but you have to you can't enable them. Well that I'm not an expert. But you've you've certainly seen a heart Britain, but Whitney I mean that that voice was silenced. Yeah. All right. Four nominations. Almost five years is incredible number seven eight nine and ten I want to cover the first one. We're talking about is grateful from beyond the lead for the movie beyond the lights performed by Rita ORA thirteen years after Oscar nomination number six, here's Oscar nomination number seven. Now, you can tell you do with, you know, for real. So I did I did the song for the movie Rita ORA was the director's choice. I had other ideas. You know? I mean, she didn't really support that. She didn't. There was no support from the artist or label to be honest. Which is I don't know. All she did was tweet about at once like we want you working say hit song. You know? It's like, oh, God, you know, like, you know, and so you had your Feinberg forecast. And it was in their grateful was in there. I think was number five or some realize I swear to God. Rejecting nominations. And there was no one else projecting that like nothing had happened with that song. Really? So I don't know like, wow, you had your ear to the ground on that. And then it got nominated. Of new I swear to God. I swear to God. Remember just like we were both going like wait else out in there. You know? And I love the song. But like it didn't you know? I'm not swear to God. And it was a beautiful song. Bell south empowerment. Yeah. Basically record. And it's looking at somebody. I guess essentially all the things that that messed you up fucked up, you accused somebody like, let's just I I will say I'm not saying you're saying this billing if Justin Bieber woke up tomorrow and said, she's as look what I got into an I, you know, I want out of the scene of slavery, amusing, whatever you want to be a normal person. But I'm still grateful for what warned from it. That's the song. Yeah. It's grateful for anything that even things you don't know like things that are going through at the time that are really hard are impossible or really challenging knew what had I not gone through that. And I could late that in some in my life with things that maybe uncomfortable. But hey, you know, what I learned from that? I'm grateful for that. You know, it's actually is taking the high road, isn't it? Now, we come to the really the trilogy of the ones three of the last four years that are the medically group because or could be thematically group..

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