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Almost give you the freeze. If darko maxes out. If dr go out was set by gordon eiser as we're doing a show in anticipation of the nba draft. Lebron james carmelo anthony. The darko militants. Who said if. Darko mexes out. Taken darko can you believe that. Can you imagine having to live with that for the rest of your life while we have it on tape. Check that tape toady. He took darko. Well mellow nobody took abroad. This tape for the rest of their lives. Oh that is so great. That is delicious. i love that. That's my favorite error in the history of the show. And i caught a call for what was happening a real time but now lives forever on film. It's a we're perceived so many emails about the nba draft that we've decided to spend a whole segment on you. Ready wilpon always ready. While the pistons have indicated there picking darko new coach. Larry brown reportedly prefers carmelo anthony. Which of the top three do you think. We'll make the best pro pro. I gladly take any of the three of. Im carmelo anthony guy. I believe it was a polish player already. Even after only one season he can shoot it. He can handle it. We don't know if he could play defense but we don't know about that about the other two either any six eight all personality luck okay. Lebron's personality things being equal lebron one year behind her mellow in school. Lebron come out. After his junior year people said he would have been the number one draft. Pick the entire nba. Now i personally think that if darko matt's adeyemi darko max's out. I believe he's the best of the bunch because he's fluid his seventy cared teach seven feet cookies seven two. it's over. he's only seven right. What if he was kevin garnett. Take him better. I would i would take any other calls may have gotten enrolls. Darko wrong. land. And in all of this theater of argument that tony and mike have built. They also sometimes turn. Pti into a more literal stage a stage where the curtain goes up and play has begun because with the help of longtime producer. Bonnie berko their costume even official proprietor of the prop closet. The guys stage these mini shows within the show dressing up as a giant turkey. For instance or as officers of the law. Welcome back to the precinct. I'm officer kornheiser. This is officer wilpon where to play. Good cop bad cop. Let's get to the i suspect. Or as re-live coaches or players get naughty with little role play. I will give and mike you will. Oh i'm gonna receive i. Oh you are jimmy. Connors tweeted about psychic complete with an electrified crystal ball. We'll come back to america's last surviving psychic hotline. God we peer into the future to bring you answers from the great beyond sense. The first caller anna glenn. I wanted to juicy antonio brown need to understand. All the games are exactly the same. The props are different. It's just a way to get us to go back and forth with one another. It's just it's just the device. I hated good. Combat cop hated them. All this is me. That stuff is to satisfy tony. I can't think of all the games we used to have. All of for the record but there is one day every year where mike chooses to make a very special exception. Pardon the interruption. But i'm joel embiid. The producers wanted me to dress up as the flyers mascot. I said no. Because i have dignity. Pti halloween special going. What is so special about it. It's the same old junk but in costume. But he will dress up on halloween show. He will do that one time. I think i'm the halloween show. I think i went as lindsey vonn and he went as tiger woods. I thought that was very successful or the interruption. But i'm mike wilbon and for halloween. I decided to beat tiger woods. Grandma girl in zimbabwe. Here what abu. That's not exactly what i had in mind really. I've got not hot. We're in the richard hat whole thing. Tiger invited me to plan an event. His event in southern california. And i have put on eighteen. The last part of the day. I don't know because it improving my standing. But i stand over the part about a fifteen foot putt and drain. It feeling pretty good about myself. I looked up and this is like on december first. There's only like a month later. I looked up and there is tiger woods and he says and i quote if you're going to be me to the damn putt but where. Pti really engineers chaos is when they play it straight and just wait patiently for the calendar to turn to april first. We begin today with the stunning and shocking news that the ncaa has invalidated. The last sixteen seconds of sunday's davidson kansas game elaborate outrageous entirely fake stories delivered deadpan and that those last sixteen seconds will be played again tomorrow night in north carolina because a review of the tape of that game found out. Chiran collins was so instrumental in closely. Guarding steph. curry at the end of the game had already committed five thousand and should not have been on the floor and to make any of this work you really need diabolical poker face of guys says that he was never brave enough to become an actor himself but as nonetheless april fooled millions of americans by this point for two decades including possibly himself. Well this is unprecedented and to me. It is unsettling especially since the game will be moved from detroit to charlotte north carolina. You're trying to convince people that the story that you have made up actually happened. There have been times. I can't give you chapter and versus done it a lot of times many times. I would say this could have had this definitely could have happened but we begin today with the breaking news of a major snag. John calipari moved to kentucky autumn dropper. Rick pitino apparently has the job just this morning as calipari was appearing at a press conference in lexington patino was reportedly working the back once or twice. I've said this did happen. And they take no. We made this up this morning. So you sure. I think maybe i heard this. They go no did. You didn't happen and then you can sell it particularly if you believe it could happen. You believe it did happen you from selling pretty easy. You believe it could happen. You can sell it. I mean that's a pretty good summary of how. Pti turned this bizarre television experiment as wilbon called it day. One into an institution an institution. That can be serious journalistic but also the exact opposite the coming indispensable to even the stars. The big names that tony. Mike would lampoon on the show. That is episode three. And i'll talk to you then..

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