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Flooding and even when there is money to buy out some long suffering homeowner it can take years the real problems that it takes so long for somebody to go through the process and get to the ed and they never know with their actually going to make it to the and nrdc and other groups are trying to change that so that if you're a repeatedly flooded homeowner you can lock into a by a with fema before the next flood at an agreed upon price congress is currently weighing whether to give fema that option but that's too late for the people at bridge point town homes some of whom asked for a by out more than a year ago gower i called of john knipper the day after the remnants of hurricane hhirma had passed through his region erma caused more flooding oliver charleston including his house his power wasn't back on yet so you're at home uh election a coronel at the other weapon charge why so he told me he got several more four inches of water so again he's the ripping up carpet tearing out base boards removing watersoaked inflation he says he's sick of waiting for fema to make a decision maybe five years from now john will give you the money for your house but you know we don't know why i'm so why keep me let players bincoletto monitored watt out editorials i'm selectquote lump sum up twenty months him up where he launched his getting extended the match what you're really aggravating capel never told me that at least one elderly couple has moved out since i visited bridge point he says he thinks he'll stick it out a little longer but some of his neighbours feel like they just can't take one were flat i'm sarah mckinnon and i'm chris for joyce npr news and later this afternoon on all things considered we'll take you to the front lines of a price war in the grocery industry the only two german grocery chains aldi an lido both of which are aggressively expanding into the us bringing lower prices with them.

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