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Like they've got to a point where it feels like some of the guys that come in are like designated offense the players in other guys designated defensive players in like Xavier Simpson's the only guy trying to play both. But he can't shoot. Yeah. One offense of move is a hook shot. It's kind of weird. Yeah. It's never good. When like the point guard shot his Goto shot as a hook shot. I mean, I guess it works out. But yet. It's I I'm not I'm not necessarily worried about I'm I am worried about what you're saying. Just like the offense of side of things where they've had to turn overs. And then they can score the points that it's sort of like re Virginia Tech and Michigan sort of similar to me where they they can't hurt themselves because they can't score at a level at a clip to make up for those mistakes. They have games where they have high turnovers. They can't score themselves. They can't shoot themselves out of a kind of thing. And so, yeah, I that's the only that's the only hold up, but Michigan has the defense where they can play ugly game and beat you by playing good defense and being able to get a little, you know, transition bucket stuff like that to to sort of get some wins. But I'm I'm more worried about Charles Mathews than probably anyone else in the country because I thought that he was going to have his national player of the year round this year, and it has not quite been that way. But maybe catches magic in late February March and gets on run like he did last year because we know Michigan after the plane ride. They're all about the big ten tournament. So we'll see what he was killed in the non conference like he played well yet here Lonnie played delegates Villanova. He's just kind. Kind of fallen out. You're not you're not the only ones worried about them. There's there's there's this guy on Twitter that I shouldn't even acknowledge because he's gonna jerk off to me saying this. But. This Twitter this gone on Twitter. When I said the Charles Matthews is the best player everyti- like every single Michigan game, you'll semi Charles Mathews like shooting line..

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