Kelly Bundy, Mary Richards, Brock Meyer discussed on Road Trippin' with RJ & Channing - Episode 33: What Hasn't Allie Seen (should she see)


We can't we can't give her anything that came out in the families in the mid to deng early night the babysitters then dad is a great movie christina applegate you know who she is christina applegate r mer which veronica to here also she is also kelly bundy from my favorite shall married mary richards she mason kelly buddies she has been doing she has been literally nope nope it christina applegate has been hot and i can say this because we're close to the same age she has been hot since she was thirteen years old because when i was thirteen years old i was watching her at like fifteen years old and i was like oh my god and then she kept progressing to la she kept progressing to don't tell modern babysitting you like you know you see kelly bundy in that she's so smoking hot and then she just kept doing movies kept doing stuff than all sentries maraga kroening sentence he's a grown woman instill sexier dislike cat what is it been liked is to be hot for thirtysomething years of use is tough it's all you can relate to that you know what it's just like you got to push ups in the morning soothing gotta watch do you're said either abs you get to about it as you said it eight 85 spicer pizza so i gotta is in i i binge watch brock meyer now know if you guys have you seen brock amount okay so brock mayer is about a.

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