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We don't know how these things would have shaken out. That was a very good shoes team. They might have won the super bowl that year if they started mahomes from day one. So i'm kinda done with that whole thing just design. I remember lamar sitting around for months. Waiting for back-nine. Joe flacco to finally hand the job over it and there was a sensation. You can mess this up. And i don't want the bears to do it. Brockman and i have worked together so long. I knew back nine joe. Flacco is now on our list of potential fantasy team names. You're writing it down right right chris. Yeah i wrote down that one and less than tomczak is pretty. Tomczak is not bad. You know like you could. You can have like tomczak's face on a less than zero. Mean right like you can do something like that or just joe flacco. Playing golf would be pretty good to sir. We could do a week long. So i'm like you you on this one right now talking to and it's unlike and karl brandt here on the rich eisen chilean's unlike any of the other situations because you've got the first two teams that drafted a quarterback. They're definitely starting There guys in jacksonville and the jets and trae lance and jimmy garoppolo or totally different ballack's because garoppolo took him to a super bowl two years ago lance last played a game of any significance A year plus ago so you can get his feet wet and also have a package or something like that for him and then checks like anybody who asked him. What are you gonna do with cam. And and mac will be just like. Hey ho two thousand and one with brady and bledsoe holding that beer. You've gotta be kidding me. This one's totally different. A totally different ball of wax gets wild and matinee is. It's it's so hard to get a grip on him this time of year because there were two years ago. We don't play anybody in the preseason. Trubisky is not touching the field. And max not touching the field and now the guys are all over the preseason enrich. You're not talking about this a lot. Last you nagy gets wild like he ripped her bisky off the field in two seconds after swearing that he was gonna stick with it and then he puts holes in and then falls out again and so he's trying not to flip flop on this thing. Here's what it is. Can i can i share with you. The just infield andy dalton Indigenous to chicago metaphor that. I've come up with. Because i think i get inside matinees head okay. So you're a chicago. Bears fan and justin fields. Is this unbelievably beautiful delicious looking slice of pizza and it gets put down in front of you and damn you're hungry and you've waited so long waited hours days. Maybe your whole life for this pizza and you just want to dive into it. But you're smart and you've been down this road with other slices and you know that if you bite into it immediately is going to burn the ever living heck out of the roof of your mouth. You know that's coming so you say hold on. Let me wait. Cause in the meantime you have also ordered a caesar salad. You didn't even really want it but you thought you should have. It was the minimum order for delivery. I'll have a few bites of the caesar. That's andy dalton. He's the caesar salad. You have a few bites. it's not bad. It's okay so many like it'll sort of get the job done. She had a few bites. Finally you bite into over these crew tanya enough with the caesar but in the meantime the pizza has cooled off a little bit and that's been justin field sitting there you say. Wow i still hot but it's not problem hot so now i can enjoy. It's cool. I did the caesar thing. The salad walked so the pizza could run. That is what matt nagy looks at. Justin feels like. I'm not biting into that thing. Because they got in joy this pizza without the five layers of mouth. Skin being burned off. So gimme some season for awhile and then we'll get kyle brands breakdown of the chicago. Bears quarterback brought to you by ubereats. Everybody five stars and a tip please..

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