CBO, ACA, Senator Grassley discussed on C-SPAN


Would look like in 2017 in this year so they modelled its seven years ago what they predicted then was very much inaccurate in that of cbo had in its baseline by 2017 there'd be thirty five million nonelderly individuals on the medicaid program under the current law baseline and of the under the affordable care act a fifteen million would be added to that number and if you recall all that it is when medicaid expansion was mandated under the legislation which of course turned out not to be true today we have sixty nine million nonelderly individuals on medicaid in chip of which thirteen have been made eligible by the aca so the individuals that st b o predicted would be receiving subsidies over in the marketplace in fact our in medicaid instead this legislation puts those two populations together so again now we would form a pool of twenty two million lives of which are relatively young and healthy and that would be the new pool again everyone keeps talking about how do we stabilise the premiums for this population we keep trying to throw more money at it well the solution is put more people into it that's what will truly stabilize the pool also have my remarks on the chip program again i was privileged to be twenty years ago with us chairman hatun senator grassley at the time to help create the chip program so i believe it is a great vehicle to use for that purpose to build upon that ended has the benefits of having structural already in place nice chip is a very popular programme people know what it is but it is also a cap the lot meant to the states it is flexibility to the states it is deep it is due ferring to the states on many of the decisions that have been made and i would suggest chip has been wildly pie popular on a bipartisan basis for twenty years the third a point of wanted to.

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