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Allow a gender dysphoric child to begin taking or pursue sex-change therapy. Now this comes because as we know. Dr rachel levine. Who is from pennsylvania. who is of course a transgender woman so a biological man is the nominee and in the past. She's even tweeted about it. If you go to her social media She has a tweet in which she expresses support for puberty blockers for children. Young children being able to change their gender And not just like hey. I think i am a girl or boy but taking these medications In order to do so so rand. Paul went back and forth with the doctor did not get a straight answer from her and but kept going in this club. Watch for most of our history. We believe that minors don't have full rights. The parents need to be involved. So i'm alarmed that you won't say with certainty that minors should not have the ability to make the decision to take hormones. it will affect them for the rest of their life. Will you make a more firm decision on whether or not minor should be involved. In these decisions senator. Transgender medicine is a very complex in nuance field. And if confirmed to the position of assistant secretary of health. I was certainly be pleased to come to your office and talk with you and your staff about the standards of care and the complexity of this field. Let it go into the record that the witness refused to answer the question. The question is a very specific one. Should minors be making these momentous decisions. For most of the history of medicine we wouldn't let you have cut sewn up in the er but you're willing to let a minor take things that prevent their puberty and you think they get that back you give a woman testosterone enough that she grows a beard. You think she's going to go back looking like a woman. When you stop the testosterone you have permanently changed them. Infertility is another problem. None of these drugs have been approved for this. They're all being used off label. I find it ironic that the left that went nuts over hydroxy corcoran being used. Possibly for covid are not alarm that these hormones are being used off label. There's no long term studies. We don't know what happens to them. We do know that there are dozens and dozens of people vinter. This who regret this happened in a permanent change happened to them. And you know if you've ever been around children fourteen year old can't make this decision in the genesis for your clinic. In england ten percent of the kids are between the ages. Three and ten. We should be outraged. That someone's talking to a three year old about changing their sex senator So a tense. Moment between senator rand. Paul and dr. Rachel levine beautiful. You ever seen a more beautiful woman an incredibly beautiful once alabama because her arms okay the arms but in general the mo the perfect woman would-be. Rachel levine with michelle obama's. I think we could agree on that. So i mean it's uncomfortable to watch and it's like all right but i mean this is one of joe biden's nominees for a pretty important position i get. It's assistant secretary but if we have people in charge of the department of health and human services who think that three year olds should be able to consent to sex changes. That's a big deal. Knowledge that the only reason this person has this job. Because of the the their transgendered and they wanted to set this new. I step on transgender rights. Or whatever there's no reason to say in fact we've seen terrible handling of health issues in pennsylvania throughout the last year. you can. I just say this is the same person who enacted the same policies similar to andrew cuomo and removed her own mother from the nursing home so that her mother wouldn't be affected. I mean this is a bad nominee no matter what they look like or no matter what they're saying in this particular hearing when you go to this point. It's there's something that like we do when we argue points where we take the most extreme crazy thing to set a sort of like baseline of the argument and for years and years and years. I mean there was always a back and forth from the left and the right about gay rights and gay marriage and transgender rights. Or whatever but you should be able to say look. A three-year-old is the the most extreme example. He us should not be making the decision about changing their gender. Which by the way you can actually do. You can have surgeries and take hormones to simulate change of gender but you can't actually changed under gender but there's this idea that like a three year old can make a decision like this when we all know a three year old literally make any decision on their own. I mean there's not that's not what they do are three ten year. Old is the same thing i mean. I have a nine year old and like he's not like he would be capable of making a decision like this that would alter entire life. That's what parents are for. So you know it is. It's a remarkable that this you know. Rachel levine will probably sail through with every democratic vote because of her identity the the fact that she won't answer he won't answer. Whatever will not answer this very simple question like come up right kids we're talking about. I understand they're all this other stuff. We're talking about kids. Should they be making their their decision without parental notice. We're like so far down the extreme thing and they won't even say that it's like when you ask a liberal like what about abortion one second before birth and they won't say no. Yeah right well because this is a. This is a a position that you hold to be morally superior. Why not say it at. I have kids at every h up to thirty eight years. I wouldn't allow my thirty eight year old to make that decision no capable capable of making then it'd be like no. You can't make that decision and help out status okay. Well i mean it. It's kind of what not at thirty eight but it's kind of what parents are designed to do stupid pointed out. There's a reason why we are the ones who are in charge of our children's lives until they are at least eighteen. It's the most absurd thing. Maybe that i've ever heard because we all know the as stu said you. They're they're incapable of that. They're incapable when they're teenagers of making decisions like that. They really are. I mean there are there but stupid until they're like twenty five years old and even then even then it's a little iffy. Yeah even then. They shouldn't vote till they're thirty. Five be president. You can't vote for president right right. That's just ridiculous. Now look. I mean this goes on. The back of police came out yesterday which talked about The breakouts of of you know how many people are gay. How many people are lesbian. How many people are bisexual transgendered and it did it say how many people are spirit did not. They didn't even ask that what jimmy was how. I thought it was hateful very offended. There's no plus q it was just. That's it was really bad. They lost both cues on. I'll so anyway the poll. I don't have it in front in front of intersex. They had of now. Why it didn't have that either. They did have pan sexual. They asked how many people but it was printed out the poll and it was on the outside of the paper. I don't know what the result was is. It was like eighty percent or pan sexual. But i don't know it was outside of paper. I printed it landscape on on on the trip by mistake. Which is a problem. it's my it's michael naipaul really. Is the pants actual folks who happened to be tuning it he apologizes. I apologize for everything. I've ever said patent including the about to say which is they found. The poll found that of all this. Zoom zoom are generation z. Whatever they're calling zuma's which is just awful they. They found that eleven point. Eight percent of them were bisexual. Levin point eight percents. there's one point. Eight percent was Was transgendered it was like one point. Six percent were lesbian. Two percent more gay so now. We're up to to believe right. Now that there are more transgendered people in this upcoming group then there than there are certainly bisexual but even lesbians like there's just disappearing apparently and when you look through the the age ranges what you see is per for bisexual. It's like eleven percent of generation z. And it's slowly steps down the percentage until you get to older people and it's like two percent of older people and it's like well if you're gonna go by the sort of lady gaga thesis here that everyone's born this way. Why are those percentages so different. I think there is a fair argument to say that..

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