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I think so often we feel but you can't have it all is that we're measuring our last against somebody else's report card an owner paul car that matters is the one you define for you or household a one is what does having it all need to year that's really the central yes last i think i think having a fulfillment career fulfilling intellectually financially everywhere that you decide on i think of making sure that you are great role model for you children whether that it's a sign or daughter and they can look up for you the field empower it they filling currents they feel like they can take risks the most important if the love and support it i think as also being impact fulfilling tropical eight because i get her off a mound and so for carla harris being able to give back is really really important at because also obviously having a great social life with with supporting franzen people that you like to spend time with them for me it's also singing and being able to express that part of who i am so all of those things are part of of my success equation i i've written back this incident pinion pieces but i to see the on just reality reliving and right now that you when i can work for companies that will pay us to take along amount of time off to be with our newborn children and that is not a reality for most american women and right now whether it is the government's role to step in and do this whether it is the incumbent on on private corporations to do this i am just wondering what your thoughts are on out about how we help not just another is more parents i think paternity leave incredibly important how do we get to a place it as a country where you're so so i can onyx status does not define how much time you are allowed to spend at home with you newborn this well obviously i think the government can play huge role in this because you know the the the legislative branch can can create laws what that would make that the law the land of that right all i act saluted would be supportive of that because i think it makes a big difference for the family i think.

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